If The Irs Is Threatening To Garnish Wages From You, Jay Allen Finn Can Help

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with creditors. This is particularly true when the creditor in question is the IRS. In order to get the money that you owe for delinquent taxes, the IRS will garnish wages from you. This means that a specified percentage of your paycheck every week will be going straight to the IRS. For many people in the United States, living paycheck to paycheck has become a way of life. Having part of that paycheck taken away every payday could potentially cause bankruptcy and complete financial ruin. Many families are struggling to keep food on the table as it is, much less lose hard earned money to the IRS.

The sad thing is that the IRS does not care how financially hard up you are. They only care about getting what is owed to them. They will collect their money by any and all means possible. This may include garnishing your wages, taking your personal property and even putting a bank levy on all of your bank accounts. A bank levy is a freeze of your bank accounts. This will stop you from taking any money out of the account until the IRS has taken their share.

Even if you share your account with someone, the IRS will freeze it if your name is on it. They will take your checking and savings accounts to get what you owe to them. They could even take your home and other personal property. Owing money to the IRS is certainly a frustrating experience. Luckily for you, Jay Allen Finn, CPA can help. If the IRS is threating to garnish your wages, place a levy on your bank accounts or take your property, Mr. Finn can help you. With his many years of experience in working as an IRS agent, he has the knowledge and the experience needed to work with the IRS on your behalf.

He can help you to get a reduction on the penalties that you owe, protect your future tax refunds and settle your IRS debt with an IRS offer in compromise if you qualify. If the IRS is threatening to garnish your wages, there is not another second to spare. You need the help that Jay Allen Finn can give you. He will work with you to begin finding a solution to your problem and help you to keep the money that you need to support your family.

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