24 Money Saving Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Saving money is something everyone likes to do. For people who are struggling financially, saving money means that they will not have to do without. When you have more to spend, you just are able to save more! Even if you don’t have to watch your budget, saving money is very rewarding.

Shopping – most people shop every week, with these tips, you won’t be spending as much:

1. Limit what you have to spend to qualify for savings if you normally wouldn’t buy the item
2. Save coupons and combine with items and services on sale
3. Plan ahead so you don’t have to buy items at a higher price because you are completely out
4. Buy seasonal items at the end of the season

Entertainment & recreation – these tips will help you to afford to go out more regularly:

5. Utilize lower prices for “off peak” seasons, times, days of week, etc. for holiday activities
6. Get friends together to get group pricing or to buy in bulk
7. Purchase season passes when possible
8. Attend dress rehearsals at the theatre to save on ticket prices

Around the house – don’t give utility companies any more of your money than necessary by utilizing these tips:

9. Fix all water leaks, especially toilet bowls
10. Put up energy saving window coverings
11. Have landscape that shades when hot and allows sunshine when the weather cools down
12. Let the phone company evaluate your usage and see if there is something less expensive plan

On the road – cut costs with these tips when you are driving:

13. Have your vehicle properly tuned to be efficient on gasoline
14. Check tire pressure to improve your miles per gallon
15. Eat before you leave or bring snacks and drinks to avoid stopping on the motorway
16. Know where you are going and plan the most efficient routes for errands to reduce gasoline consumption

Insurance – these tips will help you save money while make sure you are protected in an emergency:

17. Ask your agent to check your policies to see if there are ways to cut costs
18. Make sure you are getting all the vehicle insurance discounts you are entitled to
19. Check to see if you are using all of your health insurance benefits
20. Bundle policies for additional savings on insurance

Internet – there are lots of deals online, here are some tips to find them:

21. Sign up for savings updates for stores that you frequent
22. Print out online coupons from manufacturer sites.
23. Compare products and services online to get the best prices
24. Go to websites like Quidco.com to get money saving coupons, discount codes, & voucher codes for things that you are already buying.

It doesn’t matter if you are saving money so you can get by or to afford a dream vacation…saving money feels GREAT!

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