5 Tips To Help Launch Your Writing Career

Launching a career in writing is not an easy feat. However, today’s technology certainly makes it much easier to access the tools required to get started.
The following are five tips on how technology can help writers successfully launch their careers:
1. Manage your Money
Fortunately, there are a number of budgeting tools that can be accessed online. Some at a cost and some for free. If you are not on top of your finances, using these tools are a great way to get started. Start off with the big picture. How much do you have to invest in your writing, and how much will your writing cost? Look at what your time costs. If you are writing, are you missing out on earnings elsewhere? What about a budget for marketing? How much can you spend to promote your work? Once you have a big picture of all the costs involved, you can focus on your writing without the stress of worrying about your finances.
2. Marketing Tools
Once of the best marketing tools is a website where you can display your work. Depending on your budget, you can have an expert develop a website, or you can do it yourself using a number of free websites or programs on the market. You should only post your writing if have protected it (discussed in Tip 3 below). Other than creating a website, it’s a great idea to become involved in the various social networking sites. The more you are involved in your community, the more you can position yourself as an expert in your field.
3. Copyright Registration
Before you send your written work to outside parties, you should think about registering your copyright. Although you own the copyright to your work as soon as you put that pen to paper, you can’t necessarily prove you were the original creator without a formal registration. For the budget conscious writers, online registries tend to be the most economical and provide a time-stamped record of registration almost immediately – so you can promote your work without delay.
4. Email Marketing
As a writer, you should build a fan base of people who love your work. It’s these people who you will want to inform whenever you finish a new project. An excellent way to constantly be in touch with your supporters is through email campaigns. Choosing an email marketing software (versus sending emails from your regular email account) enables you to create visually pleasing emails, manage your mailing lists and track your success because you can distinguish who opened your email and who clicked on a link within your email.
5. Know your Community
Last but not least, it’s a great idea to join a writing association to stay in touch with the industry and make new contacts. Many associations will also host events or run clinics to improve on your art. Don’t forget, if you plan on joining associations, you’ll have to add this to your budget.
On your journey you are bound to find other resources. For now – focus on your ‘Big Picture’ vision and you’ll be off to a great start.

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