51 Helpfull Ways To Start Saving More Money On Your Existing Income

During financial tough times and on a limited income it is important to save as much as you can of your paycheck by being smart on how we consume and purchase daily items. The following list will help with ideas to think more frugally and make your spending dollars go further. Here is the list:

1.Research warehouse stores before hand and see if you can get the usual items that you buy or reasonable substitutes for a lower price per ounce.

2.Buy store brands or knock off brands. They are usually very similar in nature if not the exact same product, and it doesn’t hurt to try them.

3.In the case of canned or frozen vegetables, most come from the same place, and just use different labels.

4.Don’t go grocery shopping hungry, you’ll surely spend more.

5.Make a grocery list to avoid impulse buying.

6.Buy family sized cuts of meat or packages of poultry and repackage them to the size you need before freezing.

7.Take advantage of seasonal ingredients for the best value.

8.Most vehicles are made to run just fine on regular gasoline. Unless you are driving an older model, don’t waste your money on the higher octane versions. 9.Don’t skip vehicle maintenance, it will keep your car running longer.

10.Keep your vehicle’s tires inflated properly. You’ll get better gas mileage and save wear and tear on your tires.

11.Fill your tank when you notice cheap gas prices, even if your vehical is not on empty.

12.Buy a used car, don’t lease a new one.

13.When choosing a car, consider fuel efficiency such as hybrids.

14.Avoid ATMs. Get your money once a week and make it last.

15.If you need an ATM, only use the one for your bank and avoid high fees.

16.Cancel the subscription if you don’t read the magazine.

17.Read your news online instead of reading the paper.

18.Fancy cleaning supplies and individual use wipes are expensive. Pick one or two all purpose cleaners and reuse cleaning clothes, sponges and rags.

19.Buy your clothing always on sale in the off season. Or shop at places like Ross or Nordstroms Rack, ect,.

20.Buy clothing in similar colors so a new item will add many different outfits to your wardrobe.

21.Choose classic style clothing that will last a couple of years and supplement with a few other pieces of your ward robe and the current trends.

22.Avoid “Dry Clean Only” clothing.

23.Designer clothes can be bought at discount stores for great savings.

24.Gardening is a healthy hobby that can lower your food bill.

25.Even a window herb garden can save money on expensive fresh herbs for cooking.

26.Become a vegetarian. Meat, fish and poultry are expensive, so consider cutting back in favor of more beans and grains.

27.Eat more fresh unprocessed foods. They are cheaper and better for you.

28.Don’t buy individual packs of cookies or crackers to pack in your lunch. Buy a big box and divide them yourself.

29.Shop at larger grocery stores, not convenience stores or small specialty boutique stores.

30.Choose breastfeeding over formula. Formula cost between $15-$25 for each 50 or so 8 once bottles. It’s better for your baby and one of the few resources you can make yourself.

31.Puree your own baby food, using nutritious meals you’ve cooked.

32.Barter babysitting services with another couple.

33.Cook once, eat three times–planning for leftovers. Making two meals out of one reduces the time spent preparing and cleaning up. With a meal or two in the freezer, you may be less inclined to order pizza delivery.

34.Choose homemade gifts like cookies or candies.

35.Consider making a donation to your favorite charity for your Coworkers instead of trinkets or inexpensive items.

36.Picnic in the park instead of going out to dinner.

37.Window-shop and leave the credit cards and cash at home.

38.Treat yourself to a home facial and skip an expensive spa visit.

39.Learn to manicure and pedicure yourself.

40.Annually search for better insurance rates.

41.If your vehicle is old, consider liability coverage only, as the cost of collision insurance may exceed the value of your car.

42.Increase your insurance deductibles.

43.Ask an accountant if you are saving as much as you can on taxes.

44.Q. “Credit or debit?” A “Credit” Even if your card is a debit card, saying credit will save you debit card transaction fees. The card will be processed the same, but you will pass your transaction costs onto the merchant, who already includes this in their cost of doing business.

45.When it doesn’t matter, buy used. Books, video games, CDs and DVDs, cars even clothes!

46.Want to see a new play? Volunteer to be an usher.

47.Consider the entrée over the sandwich at lunch in some places it will only be $2-3 more, and you can get another meal out of it.

48.Shop online. You are less likely to make impulse purchases, can comparison shop from the convenience of your home, and often save on sales tax. Also, consider group discount websites such as Groupon.com

49.Check out some long distance savings available with the numbers at www.10-10phonerates.com. You could also use skype or Google Voice through a connection on the internet. You can drop your long distance carrier, and their monthly fees, entirely in most cases.

50.Try exchanging your unwanted books and tapes for new ones on an exchange. www.swappingtons.com

51.Greeting cards can be a big expense. If you send a lot of cards, buy a package of blank note cards and write your own messages.

There are many more ways to save money and make your spending dollar go further. This is just a brief small list that hopefully has got you thinking more about where your money is going and how you can save on small things. I hope you enjoyed it.

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