Bad Credit? Loans Don’t Have To Be Out Of Reach

Those with bad credit no longer have to forego loans. These days when bad credit is more the norm then a great credit rating banks and lenders are now offering a number of ways to obtain loans even if your credit scores are low.

One way to get a credit loan even if your scores are low is a secured loan. Secured loans are loans that require the person requesting the loan to make a deposit into a secured account in order to have collateral for the money loaned. Usually credit cards become available for those with lower credit ratings with this method. It works like this; the person wanting a credit card opens an account at a stated bank and deposits up to $500 in to the account. Then, minus a fee for the card, the bank issues a credit card with a credit limit matching the deposit made. The card is then used like a credit card however it is secured” with the funds in the account. You can’t take the funds out of the account because they are there incase you default on payment for the card.

A second way you can get a loan with bad credit is through higher interest rates. Banks and lenders can loan on high risk loans if they apply a higher interest rate. This ensures that the bank gets their money back and then some. The interest rate on these loans can sometimes be as high as 30 percent but it does allow you to at least get the loan and hopefully, if paid back right, help you heal your credit.

These types of loans as well as many others are out there but you have to do the research to find them. The internet helps in a huge way but if you don’t have access to the internet you can still call the better business bureau for a list of high risk lenders or your local Chamber of Commerce may have so sources. Either way these types of loans are out there and can help those who are having a hard time finding that bank or lender willing to take a chance on them.

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