Bankruptcy Car Loans

A bankruptcy car loan is available to people who have been made bankrupt in the past. The intent of bankruptcy car loans is to give someone who has filed bankruptcy another opportunity to own a car, which is a luxury that they might not have otherwise. Bankruptcy car loans help people who have declared bankruptcy reestablish themselves and get back on the road to a positive credit history and financial recovery.

Bankruptcy car loans are generally only offered to people who are two years into their bankruptcy. Usually after two years of bankruptcy your credit history will be reviewed to see what kind of choices you have made since you filed bankruptcy. Lenders are looking to see if you have jumped back into a spending spree and obtained new credit cards or personal loans. If they see that you have been wise and you have not buried yourself in debt, they will offer you a car loan – even with the past bankruptcy.

Years ago it was virtually impossible to obtain a car loan if you had filed for bankruptcy and it was still on your credit record. Bankruptcy is treated a little differently today. Granted, you may have to pay a higher interest rate than if you had never filed for bankruptcy, but that is just par for the course.
Most individuals who have bankrupted are more than happy to pay a few points higher in interest if it means they can give the family a new car or a son or daughter a vehicle so he or she can drive to college.

If you do get a bankruptcy car loan, you should take every measure possible to ensure that you are never late on your payments. Keep the loan in good standing and it will quickly work to boost your credit rating and you will soon be on your way to financial recovery.

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