Beat The Credit Crunch � Money Saving Tips For Your Holiday

As the credit crunch starts to bite, most people are looking at
ways to reduce their spending on everything from utility bills to
clothing, food shopping and even holidays. Luxury items are usually
the first to go, however, when thinking about booking a holiday
consider the cost-cutting tips below which should help you save money
and make next year’s summer holiday more affordable.

1.Book your holiday early
That old law of supply and demand applies to everything � book your
holiday early and you’re likely to grab a bargain, wait till a couple
of months before you want to fly and chances are you’ll pay more as
there are fewer holidays/flights available.

By leaving it late, you may grab a bargain holiday but you will have
reduced options, and there’s the possibility that other components of
your holiday, such as accommodation, will have increased in price.
Last minute deals are great for flexible travellers, but if you have
children and school holidays to worry about it’s best to book early.

2.Shop around for a bargain
Do your research before booking. Spend some time shopping around as
it’s worth keeping an eye on the cost of flights and package holidays
for a while to determine what represents a good price.

Check out deals at travel agents and online, compare prices, flight
times and accommodation before booking.

3.Buy your foreign currency before you get to the airport
The cost of buying foreign currency at an airport is much higher than
buying online, or on the high street, so avoid this if at all
possible. When buying currency, keep an eye on the exchange rates in
the run-up to your holiday and shop around for the best deal � you’ll
be amazed how much rates can vary.

4.Check out transport to the airport
Check the different types of transport available to get you to the
airport. If it’s practical, consider using public transport, look at
all the alternatives and consider the cost of slower methods, for
example: the cost of using the high-speed Gatwick Express service is
much higher than the regular train service.

If you’ve got young children, you’re probably better off paying to
park at the airport or using a meet and greet parking company � it may
cost you more but you’ll save time and the hassle of herding the kids

5.Book your airport parking in advance
If you plan to drive to the airport, make sure you book your parking
well in advance � the later you leave it the more likely you are to
pay more for it. Never just turn up without booking as this is the
most expensive way of parking. Booking your airport parking online may
save you money as some companies now charge more for bookings made
over the phone.

6.Mobile phone charges
Check before you travel that your mobile phone will work abroad. Check
also to see if your provider offers a special package available for
travelling abroad or consider purchasing a sim card for your
destination � calls will work out cheaper, but this may only be
necessary if you need to send and receive calls regularly while
abroad. You may have to factor in the cost of unlocking your phone so
weigh up this cost too.

7.Take out a year-long travel insurance policy
If you’re planning to make more than one trip in a year, consider
taking out a year-long policy � the more you travel the more you’ll
save. A family policy should work out cheaper than individual cover

If you’re booking your flights direct with the airline and as not part
of a holiday package with an ATOL bonded agent, make sure you are
insured against airline failure. The number of airlines failing has
risen considerably this year and you’re best to insure against this

Work out what you need from your policy and make sure it is included.

8.Travel with hand luggage only
Travel light � most low-cost airlines charge for checked in luggage,
so if you can travel with only hand luggage you’ll save money � for
example: one low-cost airline will charge 128 for a family of four,
with one case each! Alternatively, if there are four of you, try
checking in two bags � that’s a 50% reduction.

If you’re booking directly with an airline, pay for your cabin baggage
in advance � you’ll pay extra if you wait until the airport. But
whatever you do, don’t over pack your case � know your luggage limits
� each extra killo can add a significant amount to your costs.

9.Check-in online
Some airlines now charge for airport check-in, so check-in online and
print your own boarding passes. It will also save you time at the
airport as you’ll be able to use the fast bag drop.

10.Use public transport
Consider using public transport at your destination. It’s worth
researching the area prior to travelling to find out what public
transport options are available � you may even find there’s more on
your doorstep than you realise. You could save yourself the cost of
hiring and insuring a car and you’ll see more of the local area.

11.Holiday with friends or family
Sharing accommodation and car hire with friends or family members can
save you quite a bit of money, but be certain you’ll get along okay
for two weeks.

These money saving tips should help you reduce the cost of your
holiday and ensure that the financial squeeze doesn’t scupper your
holiday plans.

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