Book Review: Scientology – A New Slant On Life

The Scientology book, New Slant On Life is a collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophical writings on life. Included in this 366 page book is a meaty glossary, index, and ample accompanying text illustrations.

Scientology is about how you as a spirit, a life force, operate in this world. This book constitutes essay after essay on how to better yourself and make life work better for you. Each chapter of the book deals with a different facet of life.

For example, there is a chapter on marriage. There is another chapter on how to live with children. There is also the article called: The Two Rules For Happy Living, simply suggesting there are two easy rules one can apply so as to live happily.

Then there is what is termed, Third Party Law. This is a simple law, in that for every quarrel or conflict to occur there must be a third person promoting the upset to the two people involved in the quarrel. This essay explains that if this third party were not present then the two people having the quarrel would fix it between them. This is an interesting law of life.

But there are more essays. There is what causes you to roller coaster in life. How many people go up and down, as a regular thing? Many, we suppose. Well, if they get this information on the cause of their roller coaster then it must be presumed that the roller coaster phenomena would becomes less because they could then stop it.

There is a whole section on work, with essay titles such as On Work And Success, The Man Who Succeeds, and A True Group.

For the spiritually inclined there are essays such as, Man’s Search For His Soul, On Our Efforts For Immortality, On the Mind And Survival, and On Raising Our Level Of Consciousness. For those seeking spiritual betterment, this is a thought provoking section, it is interesting and explains more about Scientology and its philosophy.

There are twenty-four separate essays in this volume. It has dozens of illustrations to make learning easier. L. Ron Hubbard is an excellent writer. He wrote fiction works for a living when younger, but here he has turned his hand to philosophy about life, which has drawn millions to the movement that sprang up around his books.

The subject matter of Scientology is in its books. This book is available in most libraries, and is available in hardback, soft cover and audiobook. It was recently revised and republished. The writing is set at a good pace, it does not waste any of the reader’s time.

Scientology: A New Slant On Life is an excellent book for someone who wants to know more about the subject and make up their own mind.

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