Career Education Leading To An Associate Degree Wins Out

The Hubbard College of Administration (HCA) career education programs provide students with the opportunity to learn both the theory and practical applications of business administration:

Starting a business or non profit

Managing an existing business or non profit

Resolving situations within the business that are impeding expansion

Creating and running marketing and PR programs that get results

Recruitment techniques resulting in the hiring of productive employees

Working as a team member and coordinating with others and executives

Reducing the work load of supervisors

The Hubbard College of Administration is a new breed of Career Collegeone that is not satisfied with students just attending classes and passing an exam. To graduate with their Associate Degree, HCA students must demonstrate that they can apply what they have studied.

This has long been a requirement of the top professions including doctors, lawyers and accountants for decades. Once these professional students complete their courses of study they get on the job practical experience. They must demonstrate the ability to apply the theory. Can you imagine being represented in court by an attorney who had never been apprenticed on how to win a case?

These same standards are what separates out a career education campus from one that simply gets students through years of theory and how to pass an exam. Parents and employers should demand this level of competence from students in a business administration program. A competent career college will only graduate students that that can show up on the job on the first day and get to work. That would be a real achievement.

The Hubbard College of Administration has developed a unique study program that allows students to thrive and be proud of their associate degree. The Hubbard College career education program consists of theory modules that students study at their own pace. Once completed, the student then does an apprenticeship at a business actually doing the work task. To pass that particular module the student must show proof that he or she can apply what they learned in class, to real live day-to-day situations. Students love this program as it gives them the practical experience so desired by employers. In addition, it gives the student an opportunity to see and be part of various different kinds of businesses. Thus, when they have completed their program at the college they have gained both great experience and a very good idea of where they would like to work. For more information about our career education programs available at Hubbard College or if you are interested in arranging a tour at the college, please call 888-812-4224 today for more information.

About Hubbard College

Hubbard College of Administration is a business career college located in Los Angeles, California. The school offers self-paced programs and utilizes a comprehensive study technology, apprenticeships, internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime guarantee for students. Their degree programs offer excellent career training and step-by-step guidance so that when a student completes their program, he or she will have chosen a satisfying and successful career.

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