Cash Back Equity Loans

If you want some cash to increase the value of your property or to settle some pressing debts, there are home equity loans that give you this option. Loans that offer fixed interest rates usually also offer lower interest than loans that give cash back.

Most loan agreements provide the borrower with options. Loans that offer cash back against equity come with “penalty” or “redemption penalty” clauses, but they don’t force strict rules onto the borrower.

There may also be other clauses entrenched into the terms and conditions, which increases the risk on the borrower. For example, it may state that “in the event that the loan is changed the lender shall demand the full balance owed to be settled immediately”.

Anyone who may think of getting an equity loan later should carefully consider such provisions in order to prevent a heavy financial burden.

There are some lenders, although few, who’ll provide a cash back loan with a “sliding scale” component to ease the impact of the stipulations in the “redemption” penalty. How it works is that the homeowner signs a contract agreeing to pay a specific amount in order to reduce his penalties. This agreement helps the borrower get a more favorable deal.

Under the cash back loan deal the lender offers a large sum of cash against the loan. Alternatively you get the cash back when the “setup” is done. However, remember that the money offered in the cash back loan has to be repayed. For example on a $70 000 loan you may get an extra $3 000, which you would repay with interest as is with the main loan amount.

Failure to repay this money may lead to court judgments being granted against you. Therefore, it pays to read the fine print on any contract before you sign it.

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