Cheap Life Insurance For Children

Cheap life insurance is practically guaranteed if the insured is a child. Yes, as terrible as it may sound, even a child can get a policy in his or her name. Many people are taken aback by the thought of purchasing life insurance for their children or their grandchildren.

After all, life insurance benefits are not paid out until a person dies, and no one likes to consider the very real truth that children can die too. Death is not something that is reserved for the elderly. Life insurance for a child is cheap, and if you are purchasing it for yourself, you should expect that your insurance agent will at least mention this opportunity.

No one likes to think about it

Unfortunately, children are not immune to death. It can happen to any child, at any time. It can happen in an automobile accident or while walking to the bus. It can happen tragically, at the hands of another. It can happen as a result of a previously undetected condition such as leukemia.

While your life insurance agent won’t dwell on the ways your child might die, the agent will certainly remind you that such an occurrence will result in unexpected funeral and burial expenses. Your agent will continue by reminding you that these costs will be considerable, and possibly even more so because the occasion is for a child.

Expect the agent to proceed with extreme caution because parents just don’t like to think about the possibility that their children might die before they reach adulthood. The agent will subtly mention how cheap life insurance is for a child and how this insurance can be easily bundled in with your other policies.

Your agent may offer other reasons why you should consider purchasing cheap life insurance for your children. One high-pressure method is to suggest that purchasing a policy right now is an opportunity that may not happen again or that won’t be available again for a number of years. This sometimes pressures parents into purchasing before the agent walks out their door. Don’t allow this to happen because it’s just not true.

Here’s something to consider

There is one good reason why it makes sense to purchase cheap life insurance for your child now. Doing so can protect your child in the event he or she develops an illness later on in life which an insurance company might consider uninsurable or that may be insurable but will be so at a high price.

While such a situation is impossible to predict, purchasing cheap life insurance for your child now guarantees that your child will have the protection that life insurance offers. When your child reaches adulthood, he or she should be able to renew a policy at the rates given originally.

If you decide it makes sense to purchase cheap life insurance for your child, be sure you understand the rights the insurance company guarantees your child when he or she turns 18 years of age.

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