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Does cheap life insurance really exist and can you really compare one life insurance product against another? You need to do your home work if you want to get life insurance cheap.

According to all of the ads on TV, it should be easy to find cheap life insurance, but how easy it in reality.

We set out to discover whether there really is any such thing as cheap life insurance and here’s what happened.

The number of web sites offering cheap life insurance is staggering.

We did a search using the US version of Google using different search parameters and these were the results:

Search Term for cheap life insurance and the Google results

“cheap life insurance” – (the quotes ensure that only sites containing the actual phrase are returned) 623,000

cheap life insurance – no quotation marks 63,300,000

“life insurance” – the quotation marks were necessary 105,000,000

As you can see, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding life insurance, particularly cheap life insurance, so when you get that many results, what do you do?

It’s obvious that when 623,000 sites are promoting cheap life insurance, that you can’t possibly visit them all and look for the cheapest life insrance policy! You’d probably die trying!

It seems from research by the search engines themselves, that most web surfers will simply click onto one of the top placed sites in the results column.

That approach might work, but will you get cheap life insurance as a result?

Sadly, you probably won’t. It just means that the site you see is very good at search engine placement, or they have targeted and paid the search engine to place them in the top spot for the term, “cheap life insurance”. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’d like to save you some money if possible.

You might have seen a number of sites offering a one-stop quotation service – where you enter your details once and then get competitive quotations from competing insurers.

The idea of getting cheap life insurance from one of these sites is super because it saves you lots of time. We like things that save time!

We tried an experiment to see the range of quotes for a married, middle-aged, non-smoking couple looking for cheap life insurance using a site called – strange name and not really one we’d associate with cheap life insurance. Maybe they should have bought!

The quote was for level term life insurance over 20 years providing cover for 350,000 – it seemed a nice amount to spend at the time!

The search returned 10 results (plus one duplicate), mainly from household name insurers.

The cheapest was for $85.00 per month and rose steadily to $130.00 per month for the most expensive. There was a note at the bottom of the screen saying they wouldn’t be beaten on price – now there’s a challenge, so off we went again…

This time, we visited a site of a popular life insurance company – it was a nice simple site that didn’t require us to enter a phone number – we like that!

The results were impressive.

The cheapest life insurance quote we got was for $73.00 and the most expensive was $130.00 per month.

But, we’re on the lookout for cheap life insurance – and already, by choosing two different companies from the top ten in Google’s results, we can see an immediate difference of $14.00 per month for identical policies – ok, they might not be identical, but the parameters were the same.

$14.00 doesn’t seem that great a difference, but over the 20 years term, that amounts to a saving of $3360

The problem with the sites that “do all of the work” for you seems to be that they all deal with different insurers – and some get better deals to offer than others.

We’re not sure how objective these services are to be honest, but using one of them does seem to give you a better idea of what you should be paying than by simply one insurer.

Our advice – try a few different comparison sites in order to find cheap life insurance.

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