Cheap Phones Glossary, 15+ Cell Phone Features Explained

People want to save money when they purchase cheap phones so they look towards eBay as a common source for these items.

Resellers should offer cheap phones packed with features on such online auction sites since they present a cost effective way to connect to customers.

But, sellers need to be familiar with the features and here is a glossary designed to improve your knowledge base. Knowing these terms will assuredly make you a better seller:

** Common Terms **

* G-Sensor � This is a sensor that maintains a consistent image on the screen of the phone no matter how the phone is held.

* Handwriting Recognition � Software that translates handwriting into text and it can work tremendously well for those that would prefer not to use a keyboard for typing.

* Media player � Software device designed to play audio/video files and is quite popular since it enhances entertainment capabilities of the cell phone.

* Audio recorder � Creates audio recording and saves such files on the phone. Popular in cell phones because they eliminate need to purchase a separate recording device.

* Internet connectivity � Enormously convenient means of connecting to the internet via a wireless signal picked up by the cell phone.

* TV receiver � A component that picks up TV waves and allows a cell phone to become a portable mini-television. Helps keeping the cell phone owner from missing a favorite program.

* FM receiver � This allows a cell phone to pick up FM radio signals and is popular since it allows cell phone owner to listen to the radio without, well, a radio.

* EBook reader � This is a program which gives the cell phone the ability to read text on txt, Doc or PDF files. As with most other cell phone apps, it gains popularity since it eliminates the need for access to a computer to read an eBook.

* Dual Cameras � These cameras capture still and moving images and replaces the traditional camera/video recorder.

* Productivity tools � Makes it possible to backup and personalize the content of a cell phone. Such tools certainly enhance organization.

* Ebuddy � Delivers the integration of instant messaging programs on a cell phone. Another helpful accessory designed to reduce the need to access a computer.

* Java Apps � Applications that allow the cell phone to operate certain applications and is popular because it increases the amount of software used on the cell phone.

* Activesynch � Allows cell phone users to connect their phone to a PC or laptop and eliminates transferring cell phone files/drives to a flash or external drive first.

* Wi-Fi � This is a wireless internet signal that can be picked up on cell phones eradicating the need to hardwire the cell phone to an internet connection.

* Blacklist � This is when you bar certain numbers from calling you on a phone preventing any unwanted calls from the party.

* Whitelist �A preprogrammed list of numbers placed on a cell phone that is allowed access. Allows the owner of the phone to feel comfortable in answering the phone and protects privacy.

Those involved with cell phone reselling should take the steps to install all of these apps on their phone. This will allow them to become familiar with them and, subsequently, they will become better sellers.

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