Choosing A Major

Choosing a major, considering a career, earning an education -� actually, these are the major things college is about. There are certain students arriving on campus and know their career and major ambitions, though most students do not, so there is no necessity to rush into a determination about the major and your step on campus.
Also, you should know that many students in universities and colleges change their major once in their education careers at least; and the majority change the major some times during the course of the career.
You should not be discouraged in case you do not have a major, but your goal must narrow your concentration from all the majors to several areas you can explore in much greater depth. Also, you should bear in mind many colleges have double majors, several triple majors, plus most minors and majors.
The first stop must be a self-assessment or examination of your concerns. What kinds of things thrill you? What kinds of careers or jobs appeal to you? In case you are not certain, you need to begin at Career Assessment. The college career centers provide a diversity of self-tests that you can take to assist you to answer some of the questions.
The next stop is an exam of your capabilities. What strengths do you have? What are your main weaknesses? What are your types of skills? You are able to start this self-examination by exploring the courses that you took in your high school. What were your favourite subjects? Is there any pattern there? What types of optional activities did you take part in when in high school?

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