Computer Glossary For Words Starting With A

Add-on: is an addition to something, when it comes to computers it could be a hardware or software device and generally improves the functionality of whatever has been added to. For example: a spellchecker might be an add-on to a word processing program.
Adware: is malicious in nature advertisement that runs without your consent on your computer. The unwanted ads generally are caused by virus like software that installs itself on your system and then unexpectedly either redirects you to websites or displays pop-up windows displaying ads.
Algorithm: are used to resolve problems and come in the form of step by step instructions that result in the accomplishment of a task.
Application: which is also known as software or program is a compilation of code (or zeroes and ones) designed to perform a certain task, such as allowing the end user to play a game or write a report.
ASCII: also called American Standard Code for Information Interchange is a very common method of encoding data that is to be transferred between computer devices.
ASP.NET: is a Microsoft solution for creating dynamic websites and programs. It is the next generation of the ASP programming language and use the.NET Framework.
Avatar: a representation of a computer users self, it comes in the form of an image that is selected by the user to represent him or her in a game, on a website or similar environment.
Access Point: is a device that sends and receives wireless signals that allows it to communicate between various computers and network devices, it is normally used to share a WiFi network or a similar network type.
ADSL: (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is communication technology that connects a home or business to an internet service provider through pair copper telephone lines, and the name asymmetric refers to the fact the download speed is much faster than the upload.
Antivirus: is an application designed to be anti towards viruses and that means to be against viruses. Antivirus software is designed to stop, detect and eliminate viruses from your computer.
Apache: is a web server that allows the hosting of websites and their respective files.
Arithmetic Logic Unit: is a circuit attached to the CPU that performs any arithmetic and logic operations the computer requires.
Attachment: is a file that is connected to something, generally an email.
AVI: is a very common video file type called Audio Video Interleave.
Asynchronous: transmission data type where communication can occur at different times stopping and starting anytime.

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