Consider Early Retirement Carefully

Most people, even if they love their jobs, perk up at the thought of early retirement. They can quickly come up with a list of many reasons why they would be crazy not to take an early retirement if it was offered to them. There are many great things about taking an early retirement, that is for sure, but there are some things you should consider carefully before you decide to end your working career.

The benefits of early retirement seem obvious. Not having to work full-time means having more time to do things you enjoy more than work. The thought of spending everyday doing things you love sounds too good to be true, right? Who would not love hour after hour to garden, read, get in touch with friends or join clubs in your community? Taking an early retirement means having more time to travel and spend with family and close friends.

You must take time to consider with caution all of the ways your life will change because of taking early retirement. Think beyond all of the pleasures and freedoms you will enjoy and consider your financial situation for a moment. Do you have funds in place that will be able to support you if you take early retirement? How will you pay for your home, cars, insurances, and desires to travel? It is much easier to dream about the kind of life early retirement would allow than it is to pay for that kind of life. If you have a family, you must also consider the responsibilities you have to provide for and support them. Are all of your children through college? Are there significant events like weddings that are yet to be paid for? All of these questions must be answered honestly before you decide that early retirement is right for you.

Another thing to carefully question before you decide on early retirement is how your life will really look without a full-time job in the picture. Sure, having no job sounds great now, but are you really prepared to break away from all that your job has required of you? Many people that have chosen an early retirement end up regretting the decision when they start to actually miss work and interaction with co-workers. Chances are strong that your job has played a bigger role in your life and happiness than you realize, so be careful to weigh carefully the pros and cons of leaving your job for an early retirement.

The main thing in deciding about early retirement is not to rush the decision. Take your time, consider all of your options and know yourself well before making a huge life change. If it is right for you, early retirement can be full of joy and blessing. If, however, you jump into early retirement prematurely, you may be sorry for the rest of your

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