Dealing With Back Taxes

There are only a few things that are guaranteed in life and one of those is taxes. The government is going to their money and if you forget or make a mistake along the way then they will be happy to remind you. Most people do not want to get in a position of owing back taxes to the government but sometimes mistakes or problems occur that make back taxes a reality.

Reasons You May Owe Back Taxes

1.You were not in a position to pay your tax bill so you decided not to file until you could afford to pay.
2.You have been protesting the tax code by refusing to file or pay any taxes.
3.You missed some income or didn’t claim a withdrawal or other payment as income.
4.You filed your return with typing errors that were not caught until after the final filing date.
5.You found out about a change in tax codes that make your tax bill higher than you originally paid but the final filing date has already past.

No matter what the reasons might be behind the back taxes that you currently owe the best thing that you can do is to start today to resolve the issues. Gather all of your records and receipts and make an appointment to meet with a tax professional as soon as possible (or get the forms or software to file taxes on your own).

The longer that you allow back taxes to remain unpaid then the more that those back taxes will cost. It is better to contact the IRS and try to work out a payment agreement than to leave the matter out there floating around. Back taxes will NOT go away on their own. You must step up to the plate and deal with back taxes because the government is determined (now more than ever) to get their piece of your pie.

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