Different Wear For Different Purpose

What is the difference between a baby doll and a chemise and what is a peignoir? It may be difficult to keep all the various concepts so therefore we have made a glossary with explanations of the most common models in lingerie.

Baby Doll – is a type of ball short nightdress or dress that is tight at the bust and FLARED below. A baby doll is often produced by the thin mesh or satin. Baby doll mostly sold with matching Torso or g-string. Scattered Flip with matching Torso or g-string.

Bustier – a figure-forming top that lifts the breasts and is in the waist. A bustier is the often STRAPLESS but also with shoulder straps and can also have suspenders, which sometimes is removable. It produced in different materials sometimes satin often with beautiful lace decorations on the hives and along the bottom. Bustier has a clear affinity with corsets and torso Latten.

Balconette – a cleansing head-BH, which may bust to stand out like a balcony. Who has often removable shoulder and suited to the deep low-necked dress. Balconetten was fashionable in the mid-1950s when the bust was the ideals of beauty queens.

Band – A band covering the breast. Band is also known as a STRAPLESS bra, so-called band-bra, also known as breast bud. Band is also known as a Strap FACE good, so-called band-good, also known as breast bid.

Basque – a cross-led or bustier that goes down over the hip, with lacing the back or forward.

Body – an under garment that covers the entire torso is equipped with arm and may be more or less sharply figure-forming. It is a development of corselets. It is also known as Teddy, and are available in many different designs and materials. Body can be used as top and even the under wear. When a body is used as top cover the portion located on the lower body of a skirt Eller pants. One of its advantages as the peak is that it is kept well in place by being arm fitted. Many think it is convenient and in certain clothing styles, it is desirable.

Boxer Panties – Panties with legs. They were previously often loose, but it was introduced later as a tight under garments for the women.

Camisole – Linen, an arm lost mid jekort under garments for women who often are made of mesh or silk. They are often sold as a set of matching torso, string or hotpants.

Chemise – a short dress or nightdress, which is mostly made of thin materials. It can also be used as a short Petticoat. Chemise is usually shorter than peignoir and longer than a baby doll. It often sold with matching Torso or string.

Corset – a tight top that shape the body by providing a flatter tummy and lift the bust. Corsets have become excessively popular lately, perhaps because they have become a little more comfortable with softer materials, many believe that these are not “real” corsets but it is of course a matter of taste, however, the fact is that these softer corsets not going to tie hard , They are more of a decorative corset with some form option.

G-string – minimal panties, which consists of a small front that is carried by a narrow string around the hip, and whose back is a similar string that runs between the buttocks.

Garter Holder – is a belt with buckles as it attaches to a pair stay ups or stockings with. There are also corsets and bustier, which has built-in garter clips.

Hotpants – Torso or shorts with a low waist and short legs. Not infrequently legs are so short that the butt Also bottom exposed.

Hip-holders – a garter holder of usually non-elastic material with some form of power. Hip-holders are available in many materials from cotton to the nerve vinyl.

Nylon Stockings – thin socks made of nylon.They are available in different Length: thigh, knee and Ankle socks. Nylon stockings worn together co Trump band keeper, hip or holder corset with suspenders. A type of nylon stockings, so-called stay-ups, held up around the thigh with a mix of lace and elastic silicone band.

Push-up – a special good with the jumper and padding that lifts the bust. Small extra pillows makes lifting can be increased.

Stay-up – is the socks that “stay” on the thigh because of a rubberized film, often silicone, on the inside of the edge.

Pantyhose – consists of long socks that the top is designed so that pants fitted with elastic around the waist, is formed. The material can be elastic, Lycra or nylon, but also cotton.

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