Discovering The Importance Of Affirmations

Affirmation is defined in the Glossary section of the IAmUniversity website as a positive statement that has been specifically worded for the purpose of reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive and spiritual thoughts.” Now, that could all be mumbo-jumbo to others. So in simple terms, affirmation is just a statement that another person could tell you or a person could say to himself in order to improve one aspect of his life or his overall personality.

One could enjoy many benefits simply by repeating an affirmation to oneself. Consider the following situations:

How Affirmations Can Lead to Career Growth

One way of looking at affirmations is thinking of it plainly as a self-motivation technique. A person can easily get rid of long-time bad habits and other personality defects or weaknesses through self-motivation.

Many people tend to have difficulties expressing themselves to others, especially when it requires them to take a stand. Many people find it hard to take charge and responsibility, even though they know in their hearts that they are more capable than others in fulfilling the requirements of the job.

If you find yourself in the same situation, having an affirmation you can repeat to yourself can just be the key in increasing your self-confidence and developing your leadership skills. Follow the next few tips to be able to formulate your own affirmation.

Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Choose what areas you wish to improve on and which strengths or capabilities you have that you wish to further develop. Make one simple sentence that would clearly define your goals and intentions. For instance, if you wish to become more assertive, you can have your affirmation stated as such:

Each day, I’ll be able to express what’s in my mind and my heart because I know it’s worth expressing.”

Repeat this every day before you go to work.

How Affirmations Can Lead to Personal and Social Growth

Children who used to be described as shy or quiet sometimes grow up without any noticeable changes in their personalities. These people tend to become wallflowers in the party and usually encounter difficulties in making friends or forming intimate relationships with other people.

An affirmation can easily cure yourself of such things and build up your level of self-esteem and self-confidence. One common reason why a number of individuals are very reticent is simply because they don’t believe they’re worth knowing. An affirmation would help them see the light and be able to fully appreciate who and what they’ve become.

The effects of affirmations greatly depend on the intensity of the person’s belief in the power of affirmations. If he doesn’t have complete faith in doing affirmations and on his ability to make the affirmations come true, there’s certainly no point in continuing to make affirmations.

How Affirmations Can Help You Overcome Bad Habits and Vices

One popular saying among therapists: Individuals working in and have been confined to rehabilitation clinics are the ones that deal with the impossibility of helping someone in need when he doesn’t want to be helped.

There is no denying that affirmation is powerful but its influence can only go so far. First, you have to acknowledge the fact that you need help overcoming your addiction it could be something as simple as having a predilection to be late for office or something as serious as having a pathological craving for drugs and secondly, you need to absolutely believe that there’s hope for yourself.

Only when these two conditions have been met that affirmation along with supportive therapeutic programs can do its job.

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