Do You Know The Glossary Of Golf Clubs

Sometimes, if I am wise to know whether you’re a professional golf player or not , I do not really need your performance in your golf game or even your handicap, no matter you’re a low-handicapper , a mid-handicapper or a high-handicapper. Just from the glossary Of Callaway Golf Clubs, if you’re a professional golfer , you must known the meaning of each glossary , right ?

Now ,here I will showing you some glossaries of the golf clubs ,as listed follows:

Bounce:The amount of space between the leading edge and the groundline when the club is in the square address position. In general, more bounce is better for soft sand and lush grass; less bounce is better for firm sand and turf.
Bulge:The face curvature from heel to toe that corrects spin on mis-hits.
Camber:The radius measurement of the sole from front to back or heel to toe.

Cast:A way of manufacturing a clubhead by pouring molten metal into a wax mold.

Center Of Gravity (CG) :A theoretical point that defines the average location of weight in a clubhead, or the internal point about which the club rotates.A low CG also helps to launch the ball higher. It isn’t always found at the geometric center.

Coefficient Of Restitution (COR):The measurement of springlike effect of a flexing clubface. The USGA limit is .83, which means that if a ball is projected at a club at 100 miles per hour, it must bounce off at 83 mph or slower to conform.

Cubic Centimeter (CC) :The unit of measurement for clubhead volume.

Cupface:In this construction, a club’s faceplate is part of the front of the crown, sole and skirt. This pushes the weld farther from the face, allowing the face’s perimeter to be thinner.

Flange:The part of a putter that projects back from the face.

Forged:A way of making a clubhead by heating metal and then stamping it into shape.

Moment Of Inertia (MOI):The measure of a club’s resistance to twisting on off-center hits that’s sometimes equated to forgiveness.The USGA limit for drivers is 5,900 grams/cm².

From my reading you can get the most useful information about the golf clubs, for these glossaries of golf clubs ,you can have a further understanding of your golf equipment.

For example , for this Callaway X-22 Irons ,can you analyse the main glossaries ? As we all know that the X-22 Irons are easy to like, and a great set for a better golfer who struggles with the irons. It’s the rare set that is forgiving enough for a hacker while also having the features a Tour series.Also , X22 irons boast an MOI (moment of inertia) that’s 10% higher than their predecessors, The ideal CG (center of gravity) position has been preserved, generating optimal ball-flight trajectories. ‘Precision Notch Weighting’ precisely positions more weight towards the edges of the clubhead. This creates an MOI 10% greater than any previous Callaway X Series iron, which all adds up to greater forgiveness on off centre strikes.

So according to this , we can get the conclusion that X-22 Irons at least take the two glossaries :Moment Of Inertia (MOI) and Center Of Gravity (CG) .

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