Features Of Red Hat Linux System

Linux and Windows have always competed and evolved head to head. Both these operating systems have seen their highs and lows and conquered the world market because of their efficiency and powerful performance. IT professionals across the world maintain their trust in Linux systems especially Red Hat Linux (RHL) operating system. During its reign Red Hat Linux was a popular choice amongst young thriving software engineers. It was considered as one of the most user friendly operating systems ever assembled.

What is Red Hat Linux?

Since it got discontinued in 2004, Red Hat Linux is no more to be seen in the IT market. Often people find it strange when IT professionals strike a conversation about it and the rest stand dumbfounded. Well here are answers to all your questions as to what Red Hat Linux is all about:

Red Hat is a company which assembled the said Linux based operating system. Its introductory name was Red Hat Commercial Linux however later it was changed. It was a milestone deal for Linux systems because this operating system was the only one among the gamut of highly priced and low of performance operating systems to use RPM Package Manager as its packaging format. This Linux based operating system by Red Hat was the stepping stone and thus began the evolution of other Linux based systems such as Mandriva Linux and Yellow Dog Linux.

Features of Red Hat Linux system:

Executable and Linkable format was supported by the third version of Red Hat Linux. It also announced the graphical installer in the market called Anaconda, which was considered valuable to novice geeks or computer savvy individuals. Lokkit was a built-in application for configuring the firewall capabilities. Kudzu was a software library application introduced by the version 6 and was used for automatic retrieval or discovery of software and to configure the hardware.

Introduction of the eighth version also called for controversies seaming the launch. English speaking users were little miffed as UTF-8 was made the default character encoding language. This language was little tedious on the English speakers but supported multiple languages namely ideographic, complex script and bi-directional along with European languages. This did not please most of the West European users because this language change ruined their projects that were designed around the earlier language.

There was a new desktop theme called Bluecurve that claimed its fame within a short period of time. Although there were certain aspects that were lacking in RHL like it discouraged usage of MP3. Apart from this RHL is one of the best Linux systems used today because of its simplicity, it provides the users to configure the system by just clicking few buttons.

It was found that students with RHL knowledge and certification proved to be confident and competent as compared to students who specialised in other operating systems. RHL students had relatively higher level of competence and intelligence which allowed them to take home a higher package of remuneration and opportunities.

Red Hat Linux system has favoured numerous IT professionals and is still accomplishing great heights.

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