Finding Real Estate Investment Opportunities In Mexico

The key to finding lucrative real estate investment opportunities in Mexico is doing research on government funded development in various areas. When it comes to predicting the future value of investment property in Mexico, there is a tried and true formula that has created many wealthy investors over the years.

Finding the next boom town
Not too long ago, Cancun and Playa del Carmen were little more than fishing villages. Those who bought investment property in Mexico here for pennies now hold millions of dollars of high demand real estate. The real estate boom in both of these cities, and many other now popular cities in Mexico, began the same way. In an effort to boost tourism and foreign real estate investment, the Mexican government initiated a revitalization project to beautify the region and bring power and water to the area.

The lesson to be learned is that when the Mexican government invests in an area, the value of investment property in Mexico skyrockets. Mexico naturally has a near perfect climate, a gorgeous landscape, and a solid infrastructure. When the government pours a little funding into an area for revitalization, it’s like adding water to rich and fertile soil. Foreigners begin to invest, beautiful vacation homes begin to emerge, cruise ships begin to port, and airlines create new destinations and all while your investment property in Mexico rises.

The next patch of golden investment property in Mexico:
Investment real estate gurus have pegged Costa Maya as the next hotspot for investment property in Mexico as it fits the formula precisely. Several years back, the Mexican government started investing in the area by improving roads and brining in water, electricity, and phone lines. As expected, the chain reaction is already underway. Several new cruise ship ports have been built and are in use by Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line and Holland America.

It’s no question why the Mexican government chose the Costa Maya for its next project. The 57 mile strip of Caribbean coastline is essentially the last bit of uninhabited Caribbean coastline in Mexico. Though hard to believe that in this day and age there is any unspoiled Caribbean beachfront property, there is; and it’s called the Costa Maya. This is perhaps the most exciting opportunity in investment property in Mexico for years. Over the last several years, the price of this investment property in Mexico has nearly doubled, but plots can still costs less than the price of some American SUV’s.

You may begin your search for investment property in Mexico because of the financial rewards and find that the return isn’t only in dollars. Buying property in Mexico is also an investment in your health and happiness. A lot of people never want to part with their investment property in Mexico because the tranquil lifestyle in Mexico is worth more than any dollar amount. It’s difficult to put a price tag on a Costa Maya lifestyle where beach front horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and relaxing in a hammock tied between two palm trees is the norm.

Whatever your reason for seeking investment property in Mexico, the key to discovering the hotspots before the boom is to find out where the Mexican government is spending its Pesos. If you get in early enough, it’s very possible that you can earn 5 to 10 times your investment in your lifetime or the even greater reward of a life of tranquility and renewed sense of purpose.

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