Finding The Right Career

One of the greatest challenges you may encounter in this world is finding the right career. This is can be a task to be reckoned with. Sure, it doesn’t really sound like much. Nor does it sound that frustrating when you’re a kid. However, things can seriously change once you hit adulthood and the “real world.”

It really smacked me in the face toward the close of my college career. Suddenly I had to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That is how it goes, right? We all typically try to decide on a career that we’ll keep until the option of retirement arises. Hey, one thing is for sure; you’d better make sure you choose one that you actually enjoy day-in and day-out. After all, it’s going to be a major part of your life.

So, do you require assistance finding the right career for you?

I knew this guy once. Oh come on, every great story starts with that phrase. It’s either that or, “It was a dark and rainy night.” I can’t exactly use that one because it doesn’t apply here. Anyway, this guy I used to work with had just acquired his bachelor’s degree. He was stoked and ready to begin his career in electrical engineering.

This sounds great, right? Sure it does! We all want to attain that perfect career in life that pays the bills on time. So he began in his new desired field of employment. I didn’t see him again for a few months. Then one day he came back to our cheesy job at the video store. I had no idea what he was doing there, because I thought he had moved 30 miles away for his new electrical engineering position. Surely there was a closer video store for him to rent his movies. Well, as it turned out, he was back to manage the store.

What happened? As it turned out, he basically couldn’t stand his new career, and decided to come back to the video store. Apparently finding the right career was something he failed at. Now he had a good degree, but didn’t want the job that goes along with it. This is an utter nightmare. That’s four years of hard work he put in.

One place you should begin regarding finding the right career is the web. Take one of those free tests that tell you what you enjoy and where your interests may lie. Also, give job shadowing a shot. Test the waters before diving in. You may not like a certain field after seeing it up-close. Hey, no one ever said finding the right career was simple. It takes some initiative and exploration.

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