Free Forex Trading Resources

Trading on the Foreign Exchange Market is a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. A trader can never be too informed or have too many useful insights. Successful traders are always learning and growing. .
Finding useful resources that provide good information, solid advice, and/or proven concepts is sometimes difficult to do. There is much information out there that is, at best, irrelevant, and at worst, erroneous. .
Here is a list of helpful resources provided by a trustworthy source with a proven record of long-term success in the Forex market. The best thing about these resources is not that they are FREE (which they are), but that they are VALUABLE.
Free Forex Trade Calls
Learn how one of the leading authorities on Forex Live-on-the-News trading enters trades with crucial timing and consistent success. .
Free Guide to trading Forex Live-on-the-News
The leading expert in the industry takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the tremendously successful strategy of trading Forex Live-on-the-News. .
Forex Trader Community and Forum
Get connected with fellow traders. Share ideas. Ask questions. Discuss everything from Basics, to Brokers, to Bank Flow. There is strength and safety in numbers. This community is dedicated to serious Forex traders who desire to improve their trading skills and maximize their profits. .
Free Trading Video Archive
Follow the charts and watch the progress of this renowned Forex trader. See trades unfold. Observe the mechanics involved. This is a great educational tool for the serious Forex trader, and a great source of insight for the curious. .
Free Forex Glossary
Every industry has its own language, consisting of words and phrases either created from within that culture, or using words and phrases in ways unique to that specific industry. Forex is no different. This helpful glossary will have you speaking the language of the Forex trader in no time. In a fast-paced, liquid market, no trader wants to be hamstrung by miscommunications. .
Free Informative Article on Forex News Trading
Learn why Forex Live-on-the-News trading is the safest and easiest way to make money as a trader. .
Everybody loves free stuff! Especially when it adds real value to your life. We know these resources will do just that.

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