Gambling Winnings Tax – How To Recover Gambling Taxes

You can learn how to recover gambling taxes that you paid when you won at the casinos in the United States if you are a legal resident of another country. The gambling winnings tax is taken right from any winnings that are over $1200 when you win money at a legal casino establishment in the United States. If you are a legal resident of another country, such as Canada, for example, you may not have to pay this tax and can recover gambling taxes from the internal revenue service that collects this tax. The gambling winnings tax is thirty percent of the winnings, which can be a lot of money if you won big at the casino.

There are steps that you have to take in order to recover gambling taxes. The first step is to find out how much you paid in gambling winnings tax when you won. This is printed on your win slip at the casino. When you win a substantial amount of money at the casino in the United States, they will withhold the taxes right away from your winnings, regardless of whether or not you are US citizen or not. If you use an online firm that specializes in helping people recover gambling taxes, you can even obtain your win slip even if you have thrown it away. They will obtain the information for you with regard to how much you paid in gambling winnings tax.

The next step is to see if you qualify to recovery gambling taxes. In order to do this, you have to have won the money within the past three years and prove that you were a legal resident of another country at that time and not a United States citizen. When you use a firm that helps you recover gambling winnings tax, you can see if you meet these criteria right away. If you do, you can engage them to help you recover gambling taxes from the IRS.

A firm will understand how to deal with the IRS in the best way possible so that you can recover gambling taxes as soon as possible. Dealing with the IRS can be difficult for most people, especially those who do not live in the United States. Using a firm that deals in recovering gambling winnings tax is one way that you can help yourself get this money back sooner. Many people who get the withholding from their gambling winnings at the casino do not even realize that they can recover gambling taxes if they are a legal resident of another country and not of the United States.

A great deal of people from other countries visit the United States each year for travel as well as gambling in places such as Las Vegas, which is considered to be the ultimate gambling haven in the country. What many do not realize is that if they win big money and are not citizens of the United States, they do not have to pay the full gambling winnings tax. In most cases, they can recover gambling taxes in the full amount if they complete the proper forms and send documentation to the IRS. However, because this process can be frustrating as well as time consuming, a great deal of people do not go through the trouble. By using an online firm, you can get back most of your money that was withheld when you won at the casino.

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