Glossary Of Terms And Tools Used For The House Hold Plants

Plant Glossary

Here is a glossary of terms and tools used for the house hold plants.


Produced for the elimination of mites, especially spider mites.


Spines of cacti and roses.


The clay soil is partly composed of silicate of alumina and its main property is to retain water, maintain soil moisture constant. It is a soil that drains poorly and therefore not suitable for many plants.


This is to spray a fine mist of water on the foliage of the plant.


It is to recreate a new plant from one part of the original plant, provided that this element of the plant is able to regenerate itself by rooting. Cuttings can be buds, stems, leaves and even roots.


The peaty soil is a land where heather grows and found in the forest, generally. It can be the poor, sandy, acidic, and siliceous. Mixed with soil or compost, it is suitable for many types of plants.


It is an alkaline chunk, composed largely of calcium carbonate. The limestone soil has the characteristic of a good drainage but remains very fertile because of its lack of nutrients.


Compost is a mixture of several organic components forming an enriched soil, very nutritious for plantations.


When the ground (earth) is sufficiently light and airy to allow liquid to reach the roots and be removed easily.


There are many fertilizer formulas specifically suitable for different types of indoor plants. They are found most often in the form of granules, liquids or sticks.


They say a plant when it is wilted foliage fade because of a lack of brightness.


Product intended to fight against fungal diseases such as mushrooms character.


Organic compounds derived from decaying matter, it is used as compost.


Flowers layout at the end of a rod or spike, clustered in an umbel, etc.


When the foliage yellows is a plant that the plant is diseased, infested or it runs a major shortcoming.


Action that can weld two parts with a link plant, often to treat a wound.

Indirect Light:

Light steady but not caused by direct exposure to sunlight.


It means so the foliage or flowers that consist of two shades and more.


This is to cut the tip of a branch young enough to encourage the expansion of other branches of a plant.


To cut the top part of a plant to support its growth in width.


In most cases, these are the shoots that arise from the stem mother and that it calls into the ground to make a new plant.


Operation that involves moving a plant to relocate to a new home or best suited to its needs.


These are new plants that are transplanted into the ground from seed.


Period of dormancy of plants, it is the time when their growth is stopped.


Product sold in specialized stores, intended to repel pets away from plants. Ideal when the plants are toxic.

Normal soil:

Soil that is left to dry on the surface between watering.


Topsoil is composed largely of organic waste.


In general it is of peat moss and is found on the market in specialty stores.


Possibility that certain plants cause poisoning.


Pesticides are used to kill insects which can damage the plants.

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