Green With Envy

While many people say that everyone is created equal, we have to admit that some people are better off than others. It is evidenced by the big gap between the rich and the poor. We can observe that some are living in the luxury of what life has to offer, while you can also find many people worldwide who don’t even have anything to eat. While many are spending money to buy expensive merchandise and exploring the world with their travels, many are working their backs off just to put food on the table. How one defines the other as better off is a purely subjective matter. It is a matter of being contented with what you currently have and working hard for what you may want. It is but human nature to feel a bit envious with what other people have and with what other people may have achieved. It is very natural for us to be jealous of our friends, of a fellow family member, of an officemate and of a person we may not even know personally.

We covet a lot of things in life. We desire to have a well-paying job, more wealth to buy material possessions, a loving significant other, a promotion and a whole lot of other dreams and aspirations. We all have to admit that quite often we don’t feel happy for the good fortune that happens to a sister/brother, a relative, a friend and even an officemate. Pangs of jealousy can often damage one’s feeling of self worth and self esteem. There are times when we feel that we deserve the promotion for we have worked harder than our officemate. There are occasions when we wonder why those who are so mean towards others or those who often cheat their way to getting what they desire still manage to go through life without karma taking its toll on them. I guess there are just certain things in life that we cannot explain and are just they way they are.

I would strongly suggest that when you feel envious of other people that you channel this envy to work harder and to strive harder to get what you want. Get inspired and get motivated. Take this as an opportunity to see yourself more clearly and to take a good look at the talents you have as well as the skills you could hone. Get to see the good things that life has to offer you. The problem with us is that we tend to focus more on the few misfortunes we have when in fact a lot of good things has happened in our lives.

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