Home Loans Are Available After Bankruptcy

Just because you have filed for bankruptcy, you should not give up on your dreams of owning your own home. There are mortgage companies that will give you a home loan after bankruptcy. These lenders specialize in bankruptcy home loans and work with people in most any financial situation. Most bankruptcy home loan companies require that you have a minimum of 500 on your credit score. If you fall in this category, these lenders will work hard to customize a home loan that will work for your individual needs.

* If you are seeking a home loan after bankruptcy, you should know you will only be eligible for 80% financing. This means that you must come up with the remaining 20% and it will be used as your down payment.

* You should know that your debt to income ration will need to fall within the 45-50% range when you are seeking a bankruptcy home loan.

* Lastly, you should know that the interest rate on your loan will be higher than a typical mortgage. However, do not let this stop you from purchasing a home. As time passes and your credit rating improves, you can refinance your home for a lower interest rate.

Everyone dreams of owning their own home, just because you have been declared bankrupt in the past there is no reason to stop dreaming.
Your past mistakes should not affect the living situation of your children for the next eight years.
There are now many mortgage lenders who are reaching out and offering individuals who have filed bankruptcy a way to purchase their own home. No one wants to see a family of four living in a cramped, two-bedroom apartment.
Do not feel that that your bankruptcy has backed you into a corner and that you have no other option but to rent. That is no longer true, you can turn that rent money into an investment for your future.

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