How To Get Fast Secured Loans

There will be times when you need money as soon as possible. Banks tend to be slow giving out loans and this is especially true with secured loans. Many people get caught between paychecks, and aren’t sure where to turn. Fast secured loans are available which will allow you to get the money you need without the issues involved with going through banks or filling out applications. There are a number of alternatives available.

Cash Advance

Cash advance services are a quick way to get fast secured loans. You will need to fill out an application and write a check for the cost of the loan along with the service fees. Once you have done this, you will be given either cash or a check that you can take to your bank. Cash advance services typically give you two weeks to pay back the loan. While some companies will allow you to make payments, others will not. If you fail to make the payments at the end of the two weeks, the cash advance company will attempt to cash the check you wrote them. If it bounces, both institutions will charge you.

Title Loan Services

Another way to get fast secured loans is through a title loan service. They are similar to a cash advance company, but they will require a lien on your car instead of a check. When you are given the money, they will be the owners of your car. Though title loan companies will typically give you larger amounts than cash advance services, your car will be repossessed if you fail to pay back the money. You will also have to pay late fees as well. The title loan company can then sell your car in order to make up for their loss. I would advise you against using title loans unless you absolutely need them. You should also be certain that you have a plan to pay back the money you borrow. Losing your vehicle can be a great inconvenience.

Pawn Shops

The third place where you can get fast secured loans is a pawnshop. With pawnshops you will bring in merchandise that is valuable such as jewelry, computers, or other valuables. The workers in the pawnshop will decide how much your valuables are worth. The amount that they decide your merchandise is worth will almost always be less than the actual value. They will then take these items and hold them as collateral, and you will get them back after you’ve paid off the loan. They will usually give you about 30 days to pay back the money. If three months pass, and the loan hasn’t been paid, the pawnshop has the right to sell it to their customers.

A Word of Warning

While these institutions will all allow you to get fast secured loans, they all have risks involved. If you fail to pay back the money, you could incur fees, or your car or merchandise could be sold. It is best to use these services only if you need them. Many people get into the habit of using them between paychecks to get money, and end up in a long cycle of debt. While these services are very profitable for the people who run them, they are not as beneficial to their customers. It is best to avoid these places unless you are in desperate need of money.

If you are in such a desperate situation that you need to use these services, it may be helpful to begin looking at your financial lifestyle. Perhaps you are taking on too much debt, or buying things you don’t really need. Properly managing your personal finances is a great way to avoid the use of these services. They tend to cater to those who have less than perfect credit.

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