How To Prepare To File Your Taxes

Tax time is just around the corner and so now is the time to know how to prepare to file your taxes. How often have you questioned yourself at the last minute wondering if you had everything you needed for your taxes?

Even when the tax laws change almost yearly the basic never change. So there is no reason why this information isn’t all ready in its usable form.

You will need your employment earning records, as well as the correct forms for interest, mortgage, charitable donations, and anything else. If you have all kinds of investments you will want to have your trade information handy to calculate capital gains and losses. Plus you will want to have all the information listed below.

1. Personal Data – you need to have you social security number and full name, birth date, and address.

2. Marital Status – this quick question simply requires a tick mark in the appropriate box.

3. Employment & Income Data – you will need your earnings records for the year, partnership and trust income information, retirement benefits, pensions, and annuities. Make sure that you have any paper work that is required.

4. Alimony – If you have paid or received alimony it belongs on your tax return. You will need your ex-spouses social insurance number. As the payer it will be reduce your income and as the payee it will increase your income.

5. Jury Duty Pay – If you did jury you would have got pittance pay but never the less it needs to go on your tax return. There’s just no income that is exempt from the tax return.

6. Gambling & Lottery Winnings – The casino or lottery authorities will provide you with the form that you need for your winnings.

7. Prizes & Awards – The award presenter will provide you with the correct form and information regarding your win.

8. Scholarships – You will require the appropriate paper work as scholarships must appear on your tax return.

9. You will need to provide your full mailing address and you will have to mark whether you own or rent. Your mortgage holder will send you the paperwork.

10. Real Estate Sales – If you sell your home you may have either a capital gains or capital lost. Your realtor or lender should send the appropriate paperwork.

11. Financial assets – any financial information that needs to be captured on your income tax should be collected now. This can include stocks, bonds, and other financial assets.

12. Medical Expenses – make sure you have all your receipts gathered for your medical costs for the year. Prescription drugs, prosthesis, and other approved equipment.

Tax time is upon us and as with every year it seems to have sneaked up without us even being aware. These 12 tips on how to prepare to file your taxes will help have you organized with all the materials you will need from beginning to end. After all isn’t it a game of cat and mouse and don’t you want to be the winner? In this case the winner adds more to their pocket book.

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