How To Save Your Relationship And Make It Strong

If you are at your wits end figuring out how to save your relationship perhaps you need to reflect firstly and consider the most important point.

Before work begins on saving any struggling relationship, the most crucial question one needs to answer truthfully is whether it’s worth saving in the first place. Here’s the problem with many couples – they allow emotions to dominate their thinking and decisions made under emotional stress can be dangerous.

This may sound like harsh advice but think about this, if a couple decides to try saving their partnership based solely on it’s what everyone else wants and then it falls apart again sometime in the near future, then what was the point.

There are an almost endless number of reasons why relationships fall apart over time. The obvious two are simply a couple falls out of love and in this case, separation will probably be amicable or infidelity has been an issue. But if neither of these reasons is the case in your union then there is strong hope that you can find the love and passion to strengthen your connection to each other.

6 Relationship Saving Tips

We’ve listed six things you can do to help get your relationship back on track. Take particular note of the first point.

1. First and foremost you both need to decide if your relationship is worth saving. Unless you both make a commitment to renew the interest then it’s a pointless exercise in resurrecting it.

2. If you both decide to make a full commitment to each other and the relationship then you need to both air your differences and isolate the problems which had developed.

3. When pinpointing issues look further than just the symptoms. Symptoms can range from arguing to one or the other partner straying into infidelity. Instead of accusing the symptom look at why the problem is occurring. It could be a lack of intimacy has developed, work stress has forced you to “take your eye off the ball”, or you’re simply not spending enough time together.

4. This is an important step. Once the issue or issues have been identified some quality discussion needs to take place, including the sharing of thoughts. Don’t hold back because in this time of truce, a lot of suppressed feelings can be let out and gotten rid of. Even go as far as to look each other in the eye and hold hands when sharing your thoughts. Make sure you listen to each others concerns.

5. The next step in saving your relationship is coming up with a plan together and putting it into practice. Now we don’t know you or your situation but some things you could implement is organizing a date night or two a week, planning a bed and breakfast getaway together once a month, spending a set amount of time each night just discussing things or spending time talking just before you go to bed. These are only suggestions and you will come up with a plan to fit your own needs.

6. Make sure you stick to your plan as there will be times when it is tested. Learn to control your emotions and avoid laying blame on each other learn to apologize like you mean it.

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