Information About The Individual Retirement Arrangement (ira)

Thinking about retirement planning you have a choice of options or plans from which you can choose, one of those is the Individual Retirement Arrangement plan (IRA).

What is IRA

An Individual Retirement Arrangement plan, I will be saying IRA plan from now on, which allows people to save money for their retirement and also delay paying taxes on the income that goes in to the plan. All savings in this plan can be invested in all sorts of different ways to make the money grow until the retirement age is reached. For example, the savings could be invested in funds or stocks just to name a few.

The reason an IRA plan works is because you can invest money as long as you stay under the limit that the tax law allows you to. Tax law calls these investments “contributions” and these are not taxed, a further benefit would be that under certain circumstances a tax deduction is available.

What type of IRA plans are there

You can choose from a few IRA retirement plans. First you have the usual IRA plan, this plans allows an individual to invest, or contribute if you will, an amount of not more then $2,000 a year. How much tax deduction you get on your income tax return all depends on your Adjusted Gross Income bur also if your retirement plan is sponsored by your employer in a qualified retirement plan.

The second type of IRA plan is the education IRA. This plan lets you contribute a maximum of $500 every year. This money will grow tax-free and upon distribution to the beneficiary also has preferential tax treatment. This beneficiary can then use it for authorised educational expenses.

Thirdly there is the SEP IRA. Simplified Employee Pension is what SEP stands for. This Simplified IRA is established for you and funded by your employer. The employer can put up a maximum of 15% of your compensation into a special SEP IRA account.

There are more choices where it concerns IRA retirement planning, you have Simple IRA and there is ROTH IRA. Both are good choices but we won’t be talking about them in this article.

Every individual is free to choose an IRA plan and start making contributions to it. But it’s best to learn about the different options you have and maybe a consult with a financial advisor could clear things up for you. Looking into IRA plans on your own can be very daunting, a financial advisor takes you by your hand and helps you make clear and good decisions. There is a lot of help for you available. This is an important step and you should think carefully before taking action.

An IRA retirement plan has many benefits as I have shown you, the tax benefit being one of them. Now it is up to you which form of IRA retirement plan you choose. Just start planning your retirement now so you won’t be left with an empty bank account on the day you retire.

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