Lack Of A Health Insurance Policy Invites Financial Disaster

In 2003 health care spending rose four times the rate the inflation. The annual premium for an employer health plan covering a family of four averaged nearly $10,000. The cost of medical care continues to rise at the fastest rate in history.

Health insurance premiums will rise to an average of more than $14,500 for family coverage in 2006.

Surveys reveal that the number one reason many people have no coverage is because health insurance is too expensive. 23% percent of people who do have health insurance have had to drastically change their spending habits so that they could make the insurance payments.

You’ve read about the rise in the number of bankruptcies. A study shows that the average medical debt of those who filed for bankruptcy is $12,000… And 50% of bankruptcy filings were partly the result of medical expenses. Every minute two people in the U.S. file for bankruptcy because of serious medical problems.

Research shows that even when one member of a family is uninsured and requires a hospital stay, or costly medical treatment, the medical bills can effect the financial position of the entire family as they try to help with costs.

Government officials agree that health care costs must be controlled, but they continue to argue about how to do it. Some say it must be done with price controls and by imposing strict budgets on health care spending. Others cry for free market competition as the solution to the high cost of medical care.

An important step in the right direction would have all of us adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyles. We all would require less medical care and those costs would drop.

For individuals and families is vital that you have at least some form of health insurance policy. It may be sensible to keep your health insurance cost as low as possible by having coverage for only a catastrophic illness. The expense of most medical treatment can be paid for over time. It is the unexpected major, life threatening injuries and diseases that can wipe you out financially.

One thing is certain. To protect your financial future you must have at least some type of health insurance policy.

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