Life Insurance Myths

Getting yourself life insurance brings in many advantages. However, some of us are confused because of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the life insurance coverage and not understanding what life insurance is all about. Let us see what are these myths and misconceptions that are holding you back from getting life insurance.

If I am staying at home and not working there is no need for me to get life insurance. It is not true because it is not your work that you are insuring; it is your health which you are insuring. Would it not better if your loved ones were not hard pressed for money after you have gone?

I do not need life insurance when I am young. It is not that you will remain young through out your life. As you grow old you may not be that healthy, you may fall prey to disease and you may meet with an accident. It is worthwhile getting yourself insured when you are young. When you are young you can get cheaper life insurance than at an older age by paying less premium and you may be saving 30% of the total expenses.

There must be some catch in cheap life insurance? Every one of us has a feeling if the life insurance premiums are low there must be some hidden catch in it. The fact is that there is no catch at all. The premium for life insurance policies depends upon the duration of insurance period, your age, your health and the premium remains the same throughout the coverage of insurance.

Do I need Life Insurance When I have no mortgage liability and my children are independently supporting themselves? Remember, it is not for the children and mortgage that you have to worry now. Your spouse needs the life insurance money if she outlives you.

I do not need life insurance because I already have a policy at my work place. Sure, you are covered by the insurance plan at your workplace but it is not sufficient to provide the protection you and your spouse need. This type of insurance abruptly stops on your retirement or when you quit the job.

Which particular type of Life Insurance is good for me? There is no need to panic on this issue. Complete information on different options for life insurance plans is available on the internet. You can buy life insurance on the internet also.

Simple rule is that get yourself insured when you are young, when you get married and buy a house. These myths and misconceptions are just figment of someone’s imagination. Life Insurance provides you customized coverage for your family.

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