Money Saving Tips For Your Boat

One area where you will really need to be cost savvy is when it comes to fuel. Fortunately fuel prices are on the decline, but they are still up there and it can really add up. There area a few precautions you can take to save whenever possible.

Make sure your hull is clean. A clean hull will help you save on fuel costs because it will affect your boats performance. If the hull is clean, your boat will handle better and navigate more smoothly through the water.

Check your propeller and routinely tune the engine of your boat. If the propeller is not the correct size for your boat, it can cause the boat engine to work overtime and use more fuel. A maintained engine will work to its maximum potential and saves you money on fuel as well.

Certain makes of boats require a specific fuel grade. It is important to use the specified grade in order for your boat to perform correctly. If you use a fuel grade that is too low for your boat, it may lead to the plugs fouling (this may be the case if your boat is not starting or running properly) or the engine stalling, both of which require more fuel to be burned.

Remove excess weight from your boat. If you are not using certain equipment, tools, extra coolers, or furniture take them off of the boat. The extra weight will cause the engine to work harder and in turn burn more fuel.

Ease into it when accelerating, and avoid idling whenever possible. Both of these will lead to burning more gas than necessary.

When you see a fueling station that offers gas at prices that seem too good to be true; don’t stop there, they probably are. The fuel may be watered down, and will lead to you spending more money in the end.

Following these simple fuel-saving tips will help you cut down on costs, and leave you with a little extra cash in your pocket for other boating necessities.

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