Personal Shopper Service. Save Time & Money Buy On Trade Prices

Personal shopper service. Save time & money buy on trade prices

You don’t always have the time or resources to search for the best prices. What if someone could do it for you, whilst saving you time & money and at no cost to you? What if you had nothing to lose and there was no obligation?

Sourceng can source any product of any type, in small or large quantities.
 Saving you time

 Saving you money
Why pay retail prices when we can source warranted products at trade prices?
How many times have you purchased an item only to find a colleague or friend has brought it cheaper? Don’t let this happen anymore.
Use Sourceng to help us find that product or service at a great low cost. Instead of spending your valuable time looking and searching for the product you want at the right price, let us do it for you.
All you have to do is complete the request form sit back and wait for sourceng to source your product at a low cost.
We are a team of highly experienced buyers who negotiate prices and services for our customers. We have years of buying expertise.
Sourceng is not tied to any supplier. Getting the best deal for our customer is what is important.
We can source any product or item you may require. We do all the work so you don’t have to.
We will save you money and time.

What’s even better – there is no obligation on your behalf.
For Your Business
Every purchase you make and the time you spend making that purchase affects your bottom line. If you can source a product or service at a lower cost this will save not only money but add profits to your bottom line.
That’s where sourceng comes in, we are experienced buyers ready to assist you purchasing those items you may require… Its gets better there is no obligation and no cost to you.
sourceng will reduce your purchasing costs & save you both time & money.
sourceng personnel have vast qualified, buying experience built up over many years. 9 times out of 10 we can source any product in however large or small quantities at lower costs.
All you have to do is complete the request form, explaining what you require and when you require it by and sourceng will do the rest.
After completing our searches we will contact you with the details. Only at that point do you choose whether to place the order. There is no obligation to buy.
Let Sourceng become your personal procurement department.

This will give a real competitive edge in today’s international marketplace.

There is no need to hire people, no pension plans, no payee structure, no cost procurement department.

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