Pharmacy Technician Job Description

One must not hesitate to go for pharmacy technician as a career as it is full of opportunities and good income prospects. But for this, pharmacy technician certificate is required.

One of the first duty of technician is to help pharmacist in doing his work. Dome hospitals may ask pharmacy technician to jobs like answering phone calls, handle money, enter data into computer while some other hospitals may give more higher responsibilities. These duties vary depending upon the location upon location. To become a pharmacy technician, one must do the entire course thoroughly, so that one scores well in the exam at the end of the course. Better the score, better are the chances of getting hired with good salary.

Responsibilities of pharmacy technician in hospitals consist of preparing charge slips, helping physician filling order for medications. Providing health care products to patients and prepare prescribed medications are more such responsibilities. They have to make sure that patients is being given right medicines. And even have to tell patients about right way of taking the medicines. It is the responsibility of pharmacy technicians that gets the medications at the right time.

For becoming a pharmacy technician, one must do a pharmacy technician certificate program. A high school diploma is required for doing this course. One should choose pharmacy technician certificate program after getting good scores in high school diploma.

Pharmacy technician certificate program can be done online or on campus. Course must be done seriously as at the end of the course, one needs to clear an exam before getting the certificate. One can also get on-the-job training and after some time when one has gained sufficient experience, he is awarded with certificate.

Hospitals, doctors, clinics, nursing home retail medical stores and medical centers are places where pharmacy technicians are hired. Pharmacy technicians must be focused while doing their job.

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