Reasons To Invest In Costa Maya Real Estate

While the real estate boom seems to be coming to an end all over the United States, there is still money to be made by investing in areas poised for growth overseas. As prices become overly inflated here, more and more people are turning to foreign real estate for both enjoyment and investment. The Oxford Club, a private international group of knowledgeable investors deemed Costa Maya real estate “Mexico’s last affordable beach front,” calling the Costa Maya its “coastal jewel.”

Finite Coastline:
Many people have described a feeling of claustrophobia as cities and towns in America grow more populated. Streets become clogged, lines grow longer, and tensions run high. Whether we like it or not, the population will continue to grow and the amount of coastline will remain finite. The value of coastal property will continue to rise as the amount of coastline “shrinks” in comparison with the population. Perhaps more importantly though, is that a patch of coastal property is a piece of tranquility in an increasingly manic world. Looking out over the Caribbean Sea from your plot of Costa Maya real estate, it’s difficult to become caught up the insignificant worries that cause so much anxiety in the city.

Poised for Growth:
The American markets are more or less saturated when it comes to earning a significant return on any one piece of property. However, in the Costa Maya today all of the right pieces are lining up for a big Costa Maya real estate boom. The Mexican government has invested in an area revitalization project – the same type of project that was set into motion before the Cancun and Acapulco markets exploded. A cruise ship port has recently been built in the Costa Maya and is one of the fastest growing ports in Mexico. While tourism is budding, the plan is for the Costa Maya to become a place of eco-tourism, not one packed with sky-scraping hotels.

Investment Opportunities:
Because the area is in the beginning stages of growth, there are several ways to earn a high return with Costa Maya real estate

Buy and flip undeveloped properties
Purchase raw land and build a home to sell
Build properties that produce rental income

The trick to finding investment property is to identify the markets that are the verge of major growth before the rest of the world. More and more people are beginning to take notice of the value of Costa Maya real estate, but the growth curve is in it’s beginning according to predictions.

Recreation & Pleasure:
Those nearing the retirement years today tend to have far greater expectations for the years following their working careers than did their parents. The Costa Maya offers a wealth of eco-friendly recreational activities and a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere. Instead of nightclubs and bars, owning Costa Maya real estate gives you the opportunity to enjoy more peaceful activities like snorkeling in the crystal clear oceans of your own coastline, beachfront horseback riding, visiting ceynotes, and much more.

The number of Americans choosing to invest in foreign real estate is growing rapidly. According to the International Herald Tribune, the number of Americans living abroad today is more than 4 times that of 30 years ago. As the millions of baby boomers continue to retire, it’s estimated that we’ll see a sharp increase in Americans living abroad. Whether you plan to buy and sell Costa Maya real estate or relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle, the area presents a special oasis of opportunity in today’s overpriced, overcrowded world.

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