Rework Your Life’s Blueprint For A Stress Free Retirement

During school/college it seemed so easy to develop any number of ideas to really change the world. Ideas were so easy to develop when we were there because there wasn’t any of that nuisance thing called experience to keep us back, we were free to imaging in a totally unhindered way.
We knew we could easily feed the world, just like Robin Hood”, we would take a little from those that had more than enough and feed those that were hungry. We wondered how come none of the authorities had thought of such a simple plan?
Then we were introduced to a thing called the real world and reality, that there are rules we will have to live by.
Rule 1: The money we borrowed for education will have to be paid back. Rule 2: We will have to get a job. Rules, rules, without realizing it we just started developing a blueprint for the rest of our lives.
Goals were being set for the life we wanted, our blueprint was rapidly taking shape. The career path we would follow and the things we wanted to accomplish before we retired, the partner we expected to be with for the rest of our lives, the number of children we expected to raise and so much more.
The next years are used up working our blueprint and reworking it sometimes, when things went wrong, but generally most of us were satisfied with the course we had chosen.
Then there comes a time when we face that thing we were working for, retirement. That time when we evaluate the blueprint we had for our lives and when most of us discover we fell a bit short.
The world hasn’t been changed as much as we had envisioned. Sure, we influenced the folks around us, our friends, communities, but not the world like we thought. The course of our lives wasn’t really what we had envisioned at all. This can be a discouraging time in our lives.
This is crucial. Rework that original blueprint. We must rework it again so we can have a peaceful retirement, before it leads to depression and illness.
We have to realize we are a product of genetics and our environment. Most of the differences we see in our life’s blueprint were beyond our control long before we made the plans in the first place.
You have made your contribution and paid your dues. Rework your blueprint now and accept where you are and especially who you are. When you do this you will be able to forgive yourself for past mistakes, to relax and enjoy your leisure time that you worked so hard to achieve and now deserve.
Plan carefully, a recent study found between 30 of seniors live in their own homes and they are more healthy because of it, but they live in homes built before 1946 and this is leading to or soon will lead to additional stress because these homes are going to need expensive renovations. Unfortunately, in many cases this will force the search for affordable housing. This type of housing will vary substantially from area to area. The comments from this survey seemed to indicate that most would move but they wanted to make sure the new place was senior friendly”. They wanted to know that people would care for and about them. All of the respondents wanted stress free Golden Years”. Hopefully all will all be able to achieve this.
Don’t forget free time can be boring if there is nothing to do so consider what you want to do with your free time what are the hobbies and other activities you like?
If you would like to read more about retirement hobbiesand retirement fun, to find out ways to use your free time for fun and profit. There is free information about hobbies and activities that you will enjoy reading as well as free information for you to download. Come on over for a visit and participate in our retirement community if you would like.

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