Roles And Responsibilities Of Education Consultancy Firms

In the Indian education system, degree programs are given more importance than diploma courses. Students believe degree programs to be industry-oriented and thus enroll for them over diploma programs. In fact, it has become a common practice in higher education system and it is difficult for students to get rid of this conventional thought. As a result, they miss out on various benefits offered by diploma courses. It is the need of the hour to eradicate such conventional thoughts from students’ minds and prepare them to compete at a global level. Most of the reputed universities across the world offer diploma courses and these courses are as good as degree courses. Indian students planning for overseas study must not worry about degree or diploma and should rather concentrate on their area of interest.

As a leading overseas education consultancy agency, we come across thousands of students every day. Students just out of their schools have so many doubts and misconceptions, which must be dealt correctly so that students can take a right decision for their career. Education consultants at Narula International clear students’ doubts and present them with accurate information. Suggestions regarding course, college and accommodation are given keeping in mind the interests of students.

Though providing correct facts and figures to students is a prime responsibility of an overseas education consultant but that is not all. The array of responsibilities of education consultants is quite extensive and students must seek their advice before jumping to the final decision. Students planning to study in Canada approach consultants when they begin with application process. Once the process is complete, they think that the role of the consultancy is over. Well, this is not the case as education consultancies provide constant support to students planning to study abroad. Right from providing information to finding accommodation in the foreign land, the consultants continue to support students until they reach their destination safely.

With thousands of education consultancy agencies, it is not possible to generalize services offered by them. However, if you talk particularly about Narula International then we can assure you of quality services. Being in the industry for more than a decade, our consultants very well know how to deal with students in an amiable manner. Our tie-ups with various international universities and organizations benefit students associated with our organization in numerous ways. Certified and experienced staff is another reason that makes Narula International the choice of hundreds of students.

Topmost study institutes of the country like, Fraser International College (FIC- Simon Fraser University), International College of Manitoba (ICM- University of Manitoba), Synergy Business College and Thompson Rivers University make higher studies in Canada more significant. Infrastructures of these leading universities are just matchless. The courses, what you can pursue in these universities are Finance Management, Human Resources Management International Business Law I, International Business Law II, Network Engineering, Wireless Networking, Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics, Computing Science and Arts & Social Sciences. Fee structure and course duration of these educational programs are different. Accessibility to e-classrooms, well maintained libraries and labs, spacious symposium halls and high speed internet etc. provides unique platform to the students, allowing them to make use of all facilities intelligently and earn more knowledge.


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