Saving Money On Birthday Parties: Nine Tips For Frugal Fun

Saving money on birthday parties is something anyone can do. All it takes is a good plan and some savvy shopping skills. Here are nine tips for celebrations that are frugal and fun.

Keep it Small. The easiest way to reduce your birthday party spending is to limit the number of guests. Let your child know the limit, and be firm.

Don’t Schedule the Party at a Mealtime. You’ll also save money by holding the party at a time of day when you will not be responsible for providing a meal (from 2 to 4 in the afternoon, for example). Serve simple snacks or stick to cake and ice cream.

Find an Inexpensive Location. Have your party at home, if at all possible. Otherwise shop around and find a venue that is budget friendly.

Don’t Go Crazy with a Theme. If you have a theme, keep in mind that not every little detail needs to be theme-related. Instead, use colors to carry out the theme throughout the party and focus on the theme in a few general areas, such as table toppers and the cake decorations.

Make Detailed Lists. The more organized you are, the more you can save. Make a list for the grocery store as well as the discount store or dollar store for everything you’ll need. Then prioritize the list, separating the must-have items from those items that would simply be nice to have if there’s extra room in the budget.

Look for Bargains. Go to the dollar store and the clearance section of the online paper stores (and buy with an online coupon code, if possible).

Go Homemade. You can save even more by baking your own cake and making your own pinata. The activity of making these items, as well as the decorations, can be a fun part of the family birthday celebration.

Network. Ask other parents what they have done to save money on their kids’ birthday parties. This is a great way to get tips on cheap entertainment ideas or local resources for inexpensive supplies.

Save on Goodie Bags. Go for quality rather than quantity. All kids love to unwrap things, so instead of filling a goodie bag with small throwaway items, you might gift wrap a more meaningful item.

When you plan your party and shop around, you’ll throw a great birthday party without draining your bank account.

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