Saving Money Using E-coupons At The Grocery Store

$$$$, everybody loves it, and spends it. Britain, the USA and many other countries are in the grip of one of the worst recessions for many years. Some predict that things will become even worse before the economies of each country pick up and start to grow again. What can we all do to lessen the financial impact of these times on our families and ourselves?

If you have noticed that your monthly budget does not stretch as far as it used to, you are probably looking for ways to save a good dollars at the store. These tips can help do just that! And most are quick and easy, too!

Sign up for your store’s loyalty card. Most store chains offer a loyalty card that you will need to get their sale prices. Some even attach special deals to their loyalty card such as gasoline discounts. The best thing is anyone can get the loyalty card; most do not require a credit check or approval.

Plan your items and make a list. Planning your daily use items serves two main purposes– you plan a list for each day so you are less likely to and you have a set list of items you need while at the store. Use the coupons ads to help you decide your menu. By seeing what is on sale, you can choose meals and other items utilizing those items.

Shop the sales! If you have several stores close by, be willing to go to several of them to get the good deals (be sure you aren’t traveling too far or the money savings will be eaten up by gasoline costs).

Clip coupons: You must have heard it over and over but coupons can really save you money. The biggest reason I’ve heard for not using coupons is the time it takes to clip and sort them. Get your family involved in helping cut coupons. Even young children can be involved. I carry along my coupons to sort when I am watching the kids at an activity or sporting event. Clip and sort while you are on the phone or watching TV.

Load coupons onto your loyalty card. Some stores offer clipless coupons you
can load onto your loyalty card. You pick the coupons and load them onto your card then they automatically come off at checkout. No clipping and no remembering to take them with you to the store. Check your store’s website to see if they offer this deal.

Check the day old bread shelf and the deli in the evening. You can often find great deals on the day old baked goods shelf. Just plan to use it right away or freeze it for later. Some stores will sell some of their deli items, such as rotisserie chickens, cheaply right before closing. It’s always worth asking!

Use Sign up for Newsletter and earn some money back on your daily purchases. After you sign up, you’ll receive weekly coupons and money saving tips all in your inbox. They also have ecoupons online you can load onto your loyalty card. If you purchase those items, a larger amount of money goes into your college saving account. or

The best way to save money on everything you buy for house and home is to make use of a shopping discount voucher code site. For example, lists thousands of discount voucher codes for hundreds of high street and online retailers. These e-coupons or shopping vouchers are an essential tool for the careful shopper. Visit the site and bookmark it, then return and check for new vouchers each and every time you are considering not only shopping online but also a visit to the shops in the high street. The site may also publish vouchers that you can print off in order to receive discounts in restaurants as well as in shops.
With a few easy changes, your family can still enjoy a variety of quality
products without breaking your monthly budget.

Remember, if you remain in employment or continue running your business during a recession, by all means cut costs and waste, but don’t stop spending altogether. Businesses need customers to survive, and they need to survive to keep people in work, so keep spending but spend wisely.

Best of luck for your online shopping and money saving.


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