Scottsdale Residential Real Estate – Getting A Lay Of The Land

Scottsdale residential real estate allows people to live in the lap of luxury. Located in Maricopa County Arizona, Scottsdale is renowned as a luxury resort town. But, the desert heaven of Scottsdale wasn’t always this way.

It is believed that the Hohokam and Anasazi Indians moved into the area around 300 BC. They were an agricultural people, and the deserts which are now known as Scottsdale was not particularly plentiful with water.

Together, these tribes built approximately 125 miles (200 kilometers) of canals. The Hohokam and Anasazi effectively watered the entire area with these canals, turning the desert into an area with rich soil for farming. Now, the area is lush with greenery, turning Scottsdale into a desert oasis.

Scottsdale residential real estate residents enjoy not only the lush greenery that the canals produce, but also the lifestyle that living on a body of water creates. The Hohokam Indians suddenly vanished around 1400 AD, adding mystery to Scottsdale’s past.

Today, getting around Scottsdale has become easier with the highway of Route 17, Route 51, the 101 Loop and the 202 Loop. With all roads having three (3) or four (4) lanes, getting downtown from Scottsdale residential real estate can take ten minutes, depending on the time of day. Between four o’clock and six o’clock, expect getting around the Scottsdale residential real estate area to easily take at least forty-five minutes.

Scottsdale, Arizona is essentially divided into four (4) areas: Old Town (South Scottsdale); Downtown (Civic Center/ Fashion Square); Central Scottsdale; and North Scottsdale. Old Town (South Scottsdale) was once known as the “poor” side of town, with many soup-kitchens and a median resale home value around $100,000.00 USD. This has recently changed and many old buildings are being replaced with safer, more aesthetic architecture. The median resale home price in Old Town has
recently skyrocketed to around $200,000.00 USD.

Downtown Scottsdale residential real estate is seeing a recent up-rise in luxury condos. Downtown is known to be a more eclectic and cultural area, and the streets are often filled with foot traffic after dark as residents enjoy the Downtown night life.

Central Scottsdale has a long history of Scottsdale residential real estate luxury. Movies and television shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Clueless have shot scenes in this area, with large, luxury mansions as the backdrops.

North Scottsdale is where the majority of new Scottsdale residential real estate is being built. As the city expands northward, new residents are enjoying the beautiful mountain views in the area. The median new home price in North Scottsdale is approximately $750,000.00 USD, with many home prices in the millions.

Because each area of Scottsdale, Arizona has its own unique style, Scottsdale residential real estate has something for anybody who is looking to live in the lap of luxury. As the area is seeing a lot of growth, new jobs are constantly being created in the area. At this rate of growth, Scottsdale may soon rival Phoenix in population and businesses. However, Scottsdale residential real estate is determined not only to maintain luxury, but improve upon it, meaning housing prices have nowhere to go but up!

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