Setting Up A Proxy

As the proxy servers work at the OSI Application layer, the filtering power of these proxy servers is comparatively intelligent. For example, usually the ordinary routers filter the incoming data traffic using their port number or network address, but the proxy servers filter them depending on application content that present inside the messages.
There is proxy service which is specially designed for Windows based systems. These proxy server is very popular because it will not demand any software that to be installed on the computer of the client. This is possible because it is a transparent proxy which means it can provide NAT that is Network Address Translation. Most of the proxy servers also support important protocols, such as HTTP, Mail, NNTP News, Real Audio/Video, Secure Sockets, FTP, Telnet, Glossary Link IMAP 4, Socks, DNS, etc.
To set up an elite proxy Server, you have to install and configure the web browser. To do this just follows the instructions:
�First install the TCP/ Glossary Link IP protocol on all computers that are connected to the system network.
�Then run the Install Wizard.
�The product registration screen will appear first, so in this screen you need too type the product key.
�Then the next two screens need all information that related to your Internet connection. Choose the type of internet connection and the name of internet connection that you are using.
�Then type the username and password of your Internet connection.
�Then the proxy server will configures the external and internal IP addresses of the system. Actually the proxy server automatically allots a unique IP address to each computer on the LAN which is known as internal addresses. The IP address which is allotted to the Glossary Link router / Glossary Link modem is taken as the external IP address of the system.
�Then the proxy server prompts you to disconnect from the web.
�In the final step the proxy server works all the steps to verify all operations properly.

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