Simple Methods To Save Money

Over the past years, I have come up with many ways to save money besides simply not spending money on things I don’t need. The fact is changing little spending habits can go a long way in the short and long term. All you need to do is understand your spending habits and change them. There are five main tactics I use to save money on a daily basis. The money I save on these tactics is significant as they allow me to save for other things in life. If you are planning on buying a house or condo, these tactics can help you save for the down payment. If your goal is paying down your debt, these tactics can help you significantly in that regard while keeping your debt to a minimum.

One of the first tactics I engage in is analyzing my spending habits. Analyzing your spending habits can help you understanding where you might be wasting money. For instance, if you spend money on coffee drinks in the morning, you might try making coffee at home. This could save you anywhere from $60 a month to about $120 depending on what type of coffee drink you get in the morning. By eliminating your afternoon coffee drink, you could save an additional amount. This tactic I use for all my outside spending and it is responsible for me personally saving an additional $350 a month between morning coffee, breakfast and lunch.

My second tactic is to think about the purchases I make after I consider making the purchase. I actually have a 24-hour rule in place. If there is something I want and I have done the research on the product and looked at the product, I go home and think about it for a day. During that time, I consider whether the product will benefit me in the long run or if it is something frivolous I don’t need. Most times, the product is frivolous and I can get by without it so I don’t buy it. This tactic has personally saved me thousands of dollars on products I simply don’t need.

My third tactic is to simply analyze the life I want. Do I want a life chained to debt or do I want a life where I can feel free and independent from creditors? The latter question always gets a yes and my life free from the financial stress of credit card debt is always the better choice.

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