“success Is Finding Your Career Focus”

What are your career goals? Have you made the decision to never give up regardless of the challenges? Only YOU can take action everyday that will make a difference in your future success. Some of us get weary trying to restart our career but we have no choice if we’re to move up the ladder of success in the future.

Make a wrong turn in the road and get back up to go again. Your future success is controlled by a willingness to never give up. None of us are guaranteed anything in the workplace. Even when we’ve done great work and exceeded all the usual expectations of the boss… we can still get outsourced ‘ downsized or simply fired for no good reason without recourse.

Get back up and go again. Your employer is the loser not keeping you as an employee. Your good attitude will carry you on to the next level of success in your career path. Nothing can stop you.

Only once in my long career was I fired from my position but it turned out to be the BEST thing to happen for me… and to their demise [failure].

You are the IN-CHARGE person to make decisions about your future career path. Don’t let folks tell you otherwise. As you’ve heard before, if YOU don’t do it then it’ll never get done… understand that no one will do it for you.

Each step or action you take is one move closer to your career journey arrival… it’s like a road map on your way to your destination.

Over and over…. it’s all about TAKING ACTION. Everything you read is… Action takers get the job while the losers are sitting around waiting on a miracle.”

Which one are you? Are you a procrastinator? Take responsibility for yourself by getting up and moving forward with action?

Success may mean making 100 phone calls; 150 or even more resumes may be required by the business community before you are successful; 20 interviews may be in your future to arrive at your new career position… does it matter? Not really if you get the end results desired.

Your #1 goal is to have SUCCESS in the search for your Dream Job. Do not let anything or anyone get you sidetracked. It’s all about FOCUS, so if you have ADHD or ADD… get professional help. There’s nothing wrong with asking for guidance in your career search.

Methods change – there are some who use VIDEOS – audio – the latest in marketing techniques to promote YOU to a possible new employer. There’s NO guarantee that one idea or method will work better than any of the others.

DO something EVERYDAY. Even a wrong decision is better than doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself and wasting your time.

You’re losing income every day of unemployment or staying in the wrong career path. Get focused on your journey now, not later.

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