Take A Real Estate Course And Change Your Life

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Is your job driving you mad because you work so hard and yet never seem to be getting any further ahead? Well consider with me going into property sales and or investing. All you have to do is take a real estate course, and get licensed as a realtor and you can embark on a new chapter of your life that is fast paced, involves all sorts of interesting people and situations, and is SO profitable its almost like if someone were to get paid millions of dollars to play a fun game like golf…

Wait… people do that don’t they. Well the joke is on me I guess because I have a blast doing this stuff. So much though that I feel like I should go to jail every day for getting paid to have all the fun that I’m having. You see I was a manufacturing engineer in Detroit, Michigan designing bumpers for the F series Ford trucks. Tons of fun, as I am sure you can imagine. No way! So you will understand why I was looking for something else to spice up my life a little and brighten my future. That is when I came across an advertisement for a real estate course that was being taught that weekend at the local career center.

The course was cheap and only for one weekend so I thought why not? I’m not a dummy and I had been watching the price of homes shoot up year after year. I mean when I sold one house and bought another in a matter of weeks two years before, I watched realtor pocket $12,000 bucks in a little under three weeks of work (and the crazy thing was that mine was the 3rd house that the realtor had sold that week!) Anyway, doing the math I realized how much this translated as far as the income potential for the whole year. So I was geeked to say the least about taking that real estate course.

That weekend I learned the basics of real estate marketing, buying, and selling. It only took me a couple of weekends of studying after the real estate course to pass the licensing exam and then I started on what was to become a wild ride. At first I helped people buy and sell houses on the weekends, but it only took me 6 months of that to realize that it was silly to keep my day job.” Now I am to the point where I am living in my own 5,000 square foot palace, with 10 other income properties, and work about 6 mo of the year making 3 to 4 hundred grand per year.

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