Take Time To Browse The Cctv Glossary

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You end up shortchanged. Know your CCTV glossary and get the right surveillance system to suit your needs for home and office security. It won’t hurt to learn new terms.

How’s your CCTV vocabulary?

So you know about video surveillance and CCTV. You’ve seen these in the spy movies and heard about these in the news. You’ve seen those silent eyes every time you deposit or withdraw money at the bank. When the time comes for you to get your own security system, do you know what to purchase? It’s different when you know what you want and getting it on your terms.

Perhaps your CCTV glossary or vocabulary is limited to spy cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, and nanny cameras. How can you as a customer be right when you cannot explain an Access Card and a DivX? When you make an order with that limited knowledge, you’ll be surprised at the host of terms that’ll assail your brain.

You can take your copy of the CCTV glossary to the store and check it out occasionally just to be sure you are talking with the supplier on the same wavelength. It’s different from those student days when you had to memorize all those scientific terms that get stuck in your tongue when you try to pronounce them and you wouldn’t dare to peek at your list during your exams.

So when the seller explains you need an Access Card in case you leave the management of the security system to a trusted staff while you’re away from the office, you’ll know what he is talking about. But this is a simple example. What if he asks you your requirements for YIQ? Gotcha!

How to use an online CCTV glossary

A glossary is a list of terms with their definitions. It will be easy to spot what term from the 249 terms you want to check out without having to thumb through a thick tome.

An online site with a CCTV glossary is generally mouse-friendly. When you get to the web page, you will immediately see the directory of terms. The terms are alphabetically arranged and there are tabs on the top of the list. Click on the A tab and presto, you’ll be led to A page where the definition of Access Card is given. You can have the glossary printed too.

When you are shopping for a security system, check out the product and its features. If there are unfamiliar terms, quickly refer to the CCTV glossary to get a clearer understanding of how the gadget works. Compare items until you spot the very thing you need.

The importance of the CCTV glossary

When you show you know the surveillance language, the seller will be comfortable dealing with you. A good purchase also depends on the customer’s knowledge of the item he is buying. There will be no after-purchase recriminations because you know what you are getting, thanks to the CCTV glossary.

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