Term Life Insurance Quotes For Singles

Should singles consider getting term life insurance quotes? Contrary to what many believe, it makes sense for all adults, regardless of marital status, to have life insurance.

And since life insurance premiums increase with age, getting a term life insurance quote while you’re young, single and healthy makes good financial sense. If you’re single and think you don’t need life insurance, consider the following reasons why it might make sense for you.

Do you have dependents?

Being single does not necessarily mean you have no dependents. You may have children from a previous marriage or you might have parents or grandparents who depend on you for financial support. In either case, these people will be impacted should you die prematurely. They’ll lose you as well as a source of income.

A life insurance policy naming your children, parents and/or your grandparents as beneficiaries will ensure you’re able to help out financially even after you’re gone. Get a term life insurance quote and you’ll see that the price you’ll pay is worth the peace of mind you’ll get in return.

Do you have loan obligations?

Life insurance is something you should definitely consider if you have a loan that is in your name and that of a cosigner. A cosigner doesn’t have to be a spouse. It can be a friend, relative, co-worker, even a roommate. If you die unexpectedly and your name is listed on a loan, your cosigner becomes 100% responsible for repaying that loan.

You might want to consider getting a term life insurance quote for at least the amount that will cover your loan obligation and make the cosigner your beneficiary. Even if a loan is in your name solely, creditors can go after your assets later on in an attempt to settle your loan obligation.

Do certain medical conditions run in your family?

Here’s something that often comes as a surprise to many single people. Your family history may make it difficult for you to obtain a reasonable term life insurance quote later on when you really do need life insurance. Certain medical conditions are genetic and even if you do not have any symptoms now, they may appear years from now.

While you’re young and your health is good is the time to take advantage of the relative ease you’ll have in obtaining life insurance. If you wait until symptoms develop, you may find you’re uninsurable. When you’re getting your term life insurance quote, ask about a guaranteed insurability rider. This rider will enable you to purchase additional life insurance without having to prove you are insurable.

Do you want a proper burial?

There is one more good reason why single people should get a term life insurance quote. If you died suddenly, someone would be responsible for the expenses involved in your funeral and burial. A nominal life insurance policy could relieve others of this type of financial burden.

Hopefully this has convinced you that it’s important to get a term life insurance quote now!

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