The Boom Is Definitely For Real Estate

The Boom is Definitely For Real Estate
Real estate …. Local Economic Factors (Key issues)

When we talk of the real estate economy, consciously or unconsciously we use national level statistics to form the desired opinion about the real estate market. But

the truth is that the real estate market is based on local, and, in many cases, micro-level economies.

True, certain factors such as interest rates affect all the markets, but there is no broad barometer to measure the entire housing and real estate industry in India.

Average prices, average new homes sold and average homes built across the country has little relevance to any specific locality.

So while statistics, calculations and economic factors are relevant, so is common sense – take a look around and see what’s real scenario.

Talk to real estate agents, investment advisors and even institutional in that specific area for a better picture of what is going on. Don’t look at the broad nationwide,

statewide or even citywide statistics. Only you concerned with the average prices in the particular neighborhoods in which you buy a house, the average time on the


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